I received Self-Sealing Water Balloons by Zorbz to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

zorbz self-sealing water balloons

Zorbz, the world’s first self-sealing water balloons, are bound to be your favorite summertime discovery this year. Anyone with kids has spent hours outside during the summer, trying to beat the heat with water fun — and I’m sure you’ve also spent time squeezing off your fingertips and getting accidentally sprayed with water while trying to tie as many water balloons as your crazy kids demand. 🙂

That’s why Zorbz are so genius — these are the easiest, quickest water balloons out there. They fill just like a regular water balloon, feel like a regular water balloon, pop like a regular water balloon — but once they’re full of water, all you do is snap the end of the balloon and it’s sealed shut! Here’s a little video to demonstrate:

How-To Video for ZORBZ Water Balloons

We were mystified by the balloons at first, but the self-sealing technology really works once you snap and seal it. The balloons are made from 100% biodegradable latex so they’re safe for the environment too — no worries when it comes to tracking down every tiny piece of popped balloon after your kiddos have a water war. (Here’s a list of handy FAQ’s if you want to know more about how they work.)

Zorbz water fun

Once we got the hang of the fill-and-snap, even my three year old was in on the action. It’s super simple to do and I had a tote full of water balloons in no time at all — totally beats huddling around the hose for 20 minutes while mom re-learns how to tie a water balloon.

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Enter to win a Zorbz Water Toys Gift Pack

Zorbz Water Toys Prize Pack

Now for the best part — you can try out Zorbz for free and enter to win your own summer fun pack! Zorbz is giving away one prize pack including a bag of 100 count Zorbz balloons, a handy filler bottle, one plush beach towel, one bottle of sunscreen, and one waterproof beach tote. You’ll be the coolest parent at the splash pad this summer!