Petmate sent a selection of products for the dogs to try out; all opinions are our own.
Ellie was adopted from the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network (NBRAN)

We’ve added to our family! We rescued our new dog, Ellie, through the  in April. They used a network of amazing volunteers to transport her from her foster home in Colorado, to her new home here in Washington State. She’s an 18-month old Brittany/Cattle Dog mix and the perfect companion for her new brother, Roo.

But having two young dogs at home running around and demanding constant attention can be tiring. But finding toys that they both enjoy playing with, that they won’t lose or chew up within 5 minutes, can be even more exhausting. That is why I enjoy Petmate pet products so much. They make a wide range of toys and products to help our dogs stay entertained and comfortable.

We recently received the Chuckit! FireFly LED Ball, JW PlayBites Caterpillar, and an Aspen Pet Self-Cooling Mat for our two lovely pups, Roo and his new sister Ellie, to test out!

Chuckit! FireFly LED Ball by Petmate

The Chuckit! FireFly LED Ball was by far their favorite. This ball allows for late night play with its multicolor LED fading lights which means no more losing the ball in a dark shadow or in the yard. Roo and Ellie were both able to easily find the ball and bring it back or run with it, whichever game they were feeling like playing at the time. I especially enjoyed the ball because when it went behind the chair I knew where it was without turning around in circles thinking I’d gone mad. The lights will turn off on their own after 5 minutes of dormancy, so there is no need to retrieve the ball after a play session to turn it off. The ball is also very sturdy – both of my dogs are chewers and neither has attempted to tear the ball apart.

Chuckit! FireFly LED Ball by Petmate - sponsored

The Chuckit FireFly  has two ultra-bright LED lights that fade between two colors and the batteries are replaceable. The ball retails for around $15. It can be used with a Chuckit! Launcher for even more fun.

Pemate JW PlayBites Caterpillar Treat Toys

The JW PlayBites Caterpillar is a great treat toy. It’s easy to get the bigger biscuit type treats in there and the dogs went crazy for it. This is a toy that they aren’t about to share because of the treats – each of them wanted it all to themselves. If your dog is a chewer, this may not be the best toy for them. It is rubber and my dog easily began to chew off small pieces in an attempt to get the treats out easier.

It is categorized as indestructible and would be great for most dogs. Roo and Ellie just happen to go to the extreme when it comes to chewing on toys and they’re pretty successful at chewing apart anything labeled “for tough chewers.” Overall they did not chew on it just to have something to chew on, and they’ve ignored it for the most part, unless there is a treat in it and then it’s game on for getting them out at any cost. It is a great toy to make them work for their treat and excite their senses, but wasn’t used for much play otherwise.

The JW PlayBites are available in three colors (green, blue, and red) and is approximately 8″ x 2″ x 2″ and retail for under $15.

Petmate Pet Products - Our dogs and cat give several a try - ad

 Aspen Pet Self-Cooling Mat

The Aspen Pet Self-Cooling Mat is a way to keep any pet cool throughout the warm summer months. It conforms to ambient room temperature, keeping your dog cool and comfortable. It’s designed with a nontoxic gel center which absorbs body heat, without requiring water or refrigeration.

The dogs weren’t too interested in testing it out their new cooling mat for pets since they had new toys to focus on so I decided to give it a test myself and it works. They may not appreciate it now because it hasn’t been 90 degrees outside yet, but once that heat kicks in, I foresee them both trying to lay on at the same time,  instead of curling up together in their dog bed. Granted our lovely cat Sam has already staked his claim on this cool bed just like he claimed the Petmate Pop-up Tent for pets we received earlier this year.

The Aspen Pet Self-Cooling Mat comes several sizes and is for indoor use only. Prices are around $20 depending on the size. They last for years and require no electricity, water, or refrigeration to work. They wipe clean when necessary and can be folded for easy storage.

Chuckit  Kick Fetch by and Petmate.

Roo still loves his Chuckit Kick Fetch by and Petmate. This toy is the perfect size for him and his new sister and they love both grabbing on at the same time and running in tandem!

Petmate Pet Toys – Lasting Quality

The two dogs are still playing with and enjoying their Kick Fetch by Chuckit. It’s their go-to toy for chasing, throwing, and generally having a great time. They play together, both grabbing onto the ball and running in tandem, or they’ll chase it if we throw it. They received it in December so it’s almost 8-months old and it still looks new.

Special thanks to Petmate for helping to welcoming Ellie and to the National Brittany Rescue organization for bringing us our newest family member.

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