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Cyberbullying Resources: Parent and Teen Cyber Safety CyberTribe  #Sponsored #MC #CyberTribe

Bullying. It’s a word that’s gotten a lot of news coverage over the last few years, but it’s an issue that goes back decades. What’s different about today’s bullying is that the Internet has created an instant and accessible way to wreak havoc on victims from anywhere in the world.

BGCA Cyberbullying Resources

But there are ways to get help for yourself or for your children. The Boys & Girls Club is one entity that’s working to help those affected by online bullying. They’ve created a BGCA’s Cyber Safe Resource Site where resources are available 24/7.

Check out the BGCA’s Cyber Safe Site, take a few of the quizzes (including Are You a Cyber Smart Parent) and read the cyber safety information on mobile technologies, online privacy, social networks, and cyberbullying. There’s also a parent and teen game called “Stop the Post,” and a guide for parents, kids, and teachers called “Growing Up Online.” Taking time as a family to work through these resources will help open up the dialog between you and your child and their online activities.

Cyberbullying Resources: Parent and Teen Cyber Safety CyberTribe  #Sponsored #MC #CyberTribeAfter you’ve had a chance to experience the site, then ask a question of the CyberTribe. They’re a group of teens who’ve also grown up in the online world and have experience in the do’s and don’ts of going online, what the pitfalls are, how to avoid them, and how to keep your privacy intact while surfing the web.

It’s easy to ask a question. From the BGCA CyberSafe site, click on the “Ask the CyberTribe” tab, then click on “Ask now,” and type your personal information and your question (you only have to provide your First Name, Last initial, City, and State), and hit “Submit.” That’s it!

Just by entering your question, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter the CyberSafe Futures Giveaway. BGCA has partnered with Sprint to support the BGCA’s Cyber Safe Futures initiative which includes weekly teen CyberTribe Q&A sessions. If your entry is chosen, you’ll win $500 and an iPad mini for the Boys & Girls Club of your choice which will get these great resources in the hands of tween and teens who need them.

Have you experience a cyberbullying incident?