This conversation on beauty is brought to you by Almay; all opinions are my own. What does beauty mean to me? Sponsored I am attracted to the beauty of people, colors, scents, and more. I look far beneath the mask most people wear everyday to the person beyond. I like to think that beauty is connected to the soul. That someone who is kind, compassionate, caring, and giving is truly the most beautiful a person can be. Can a person with an ugly soul be beautiful? Sure, for a time, but eventually their ugliness is exposed. Beauty doesn’t mean perfection in my mind.  A flower with missing or misshaped petals smells just as sweet as one that’s perfect. A child’s laugh is sweet, no matter what the challenge the child faces. A dance performed by someone with passion is beautiful no matter the shape of the body performing it. I’m OK with the imperfections of beauty. It makes me appreciate it all the more because it’s a challenge to compete in a world that celebrates perfection. I appreciate a company who celebrates differences as well and lifts them all up, equally, to show that there’s more than one standard of beauty.

Celebrating Beauty: What Makes Me Beautiful

Carrie Underwood Almay Spokesperson - sponsored Almay is one company that celebrates all women and while their brand ambassador happens to be stunningly beautiful, she is also someone who appears to have that glow from the inside out. I watched as Carrie Underwood transition from country star contender to superstar, and though country isn’t my genre, I sill admire her. Underwood shares her thoughts on beauty, makeup, and personal style in this video below. I’m all for accentuating and highlighting what makes me feel good about myself and as I turn 53 this week, I’m learning to love my lines. They mean I’ve laughed enough to create permanent reminders of good times.

Carry Underwood on Makeup, Personal Style, and Almay

What do you think? Is beauty something we put on or something we have? What makes you beautiful?