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Shark Tank Tuesdays on CNBC - Win Shark Tank Swag! #sharktankswag  #CNBCPrimeTV

Are you a fan of the TV show, Shark Tanklike me? Well, you’ll be glad to know that CNBC is airing back-to-back Shark Tank episodes on Tuesday nights! Yep, it’s a chance to see all of your favorite Sharks and check out some memorable products.  Find out what projects the Sharks like and who they send packing.

Don’t know what Shark Tank is? It’s a place for entrepreneurs to pitch their great idea, invention, or to share their current business  to some of the most influential investors around. They’re grilled by these business moguls who make them work for their investment. The show has made several new millionaires by giving them a huge platform to advertise their services and more have been made with the backing and support of the investors.

The investors use their own money to fund these projects and some sharks are more likable that others. But that’s what makes the show fun, plus it’s a great way to learn what is required to take an idea to market and what the pitfalls are. These Sharks aren’t afraid to tell someone their idea or business is a losing proposition. It feels a little mean-spirited at first, but after watching enough episodes, I’ve come to the realization that a lot of these inventors/entrepreneurs are delusional about the value and potential their product/service  have to become a hit, and the Sharks have to work to get through that. The video below is a prime example.


Check out the Sharks and their prey on SHARK TANK Tuesdays on CNBC. You’ll also find updates on how some of the businesses are doing since they got their Shark investment on the CNBC Shark Tank website.

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Shark Tank Tuesdays on CNBC - Win Shark Tank Swag! #sharktankswag  #CNBCPrimeTV  sponsored

This fun box comes with some of the most memorable Shark Tank products including:

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