This post brought to you by Kajeet. All opinions are 100% mine. AdvertisementFeatured -Kids-Cell-Phones-How-Do-You-Insure-Safety At the time we were probably the only parents that allowed their kids to have them, and making sure they only used them when permitted, was a hit and miss thing. Granted, back then it was voice-only access. Texting didn’t come until their High School years and by then we lost control, but that’s because technology moved at a faster pace than online safety did.

Now parents have an ally in keeping their kids safe. Kajeet. It’s the only American wireless service provider that is dedicated to kids and education – a win/win. Kajeet was created by three dads faced with the dilemma of how to make technology work for the family, instead of against it. They wanted to provide their children with the tools to safely make their way through mobile technology. How integrated did these three dads incorporate their children in the process of developing Kajeet? The name itself is an anagram using the first letters of the company’s founders’ children.

Why choose Kajeet?

First, it’s affordable. Plans start at just 4.99 a month while adding your child to your existing family plan will range from $29-$60 a month. There are no activation fees, no termination fees, and no long-term contract. Plus if you want to change your plan, they promise a no-hassle, no-penalty service change. What makes this an ever better deal is that these are full-service lines and devices, not a kiddie phone with a button to call mom and dad. Heck, they’re perfect for any family member! My mother is a senior, I’d love to be able to keep tabs on her with this service!

But Are Kajeet Smartphones the Phones My Kids Want?

Yes! Right now they’re offering very popular Android™ smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE and the LG Viper 4G LTE (you know how I love my Samsungs!). But they also offer a “starter” phone like the Kyocera Domino for kids who need something truly simple.

What Makes Kajeet Different?

They offer free and unlimited parental controls. My cellphone provided offers some parental controls for an additional fee. But, Kajeet incorporates some amagin features at no extra charge.  With their award-winning parenton controls, you’ll be able to set your own limits on the phone. You can eliminate late-night texting, block unwanted calls, and manage what websites your child can visit. You can do all this and more right from your own computer. You can also opt to have them pay for their own extras like games or ringtones, locate a lost or stolen phone with GPS (on certain plans or as an add-on), and more. But even more importantly, with the GPS Phone Locator which comes enabled on all Kajeet phones, so you can track where your child is (though it is NEVER as substitution for age-appropriate supervision). The GPS Phone Locator service is easy to use and affordable. Locates can be run on an on-demand basis for $.99 cents each or upgrade to a plan of $24.99 or more and it’s included in the price. With the GPS Phone Locator you can see that your child is where he/she is supposed to be by using the GPS locate on demand or you can schedule check-ins to verify your child’s location on a certain day and time. For example, say your daughter has soccer practice on Thursdays at 2:30. You can schedule the app to do a verification every Thursday at 2:30 and send you the results. You’ll know in minutes if your child hasn’t made it to practice.

What Coverage Area Does Kajeet Provide?

You can verify Kajeet is available in your area by visiting their website and using their coverage map. This map will also tell you where select 4G LTE regions are available. The Seattle area where I live is fully covered by the 4G LTE – score! Check your Kajeet Coverage online

How to Purchase Kajeet

Phones and service can be purchased right from the Kajeet website. You can also Bring Your Own Sprint® Device to Kajeet if you have an eligible and inactive device. It must be Sprint branded, but not all devices are eligible. Thankfully the most popular iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 are. I’m going to be calling my mom to ask her to sign up. Do you have a family member that could benefit from the Kajeet cellphone service?