Travel Alaska: The Land Animals I Encountered #travel

The Alaska Wilderness is full of many types of animals, almost around every corner. Most of the land animals of Alaska are the largest of the land mammals. I don’t know about you, but there are a few I had never seen before. Visiting Alaska is on many people’s bucket lists just to witness the amazing scenery and see some of these animals first hand.

Travel Alaska: The Land Animals I Encountered

Who knew that reindeer are the same thing as caribou? These inquisitive creatures are also related to deer and live in herds. The males grow antlers every year and then drop them at the end of the summer season, whereas the females have antlers until April. If you think about it, then that makes all the reindeer in Santa’s sleigh team female since they still had their antlers!

Alaska - Caribou

All across Alaska there are moose. They are a part of life in Anchorage neighborhoods. You could be having your morning coffee and watch a cow and her baby walk by. When driving Alaska’s highways, you have to pay special attention to the big guys darting onto the road as they can at any moment. Moose have their young in June if you want to visit and see the little red calves. When passing by lakes and rivers look out and see if you notice a moose as they are often there during the summer months.

Alaska - Moose

The Muskox is located in the northern regions of Alaska and the Yukon Province of Canada. Their hair is very fine and is often collected off the trees in the spring as the muskox is shedding its winter coat. These animals were on the Endangered Species list and have just gotten back from near extinction. Seeing one in the wild is very rare.

Alaska - Muskox

Mountain goats are often seen up high in mountain passes. Their beautiful white coats help them to hide in the snow-capped mountains. They come down off the mountains to feed on the grasses of the prairies. Both the males and females have horns, which they keep year round.

Alaska - Mountain Goat

One of the wonders of Alaska are the many herds of wild horses. These horses roam across most of Alaska and stay close to water sources. If you look closely, can you tell which of these mares is pregnant? Wild horses in Alaska have thicker coats to help them withstand the bitter cold winters.

Alaska - Wild Horses

One of the most popular animals that most visitors coming to Alaska to see are Grizzly bears. The Grizzly bear is part of the brown bear family, but much larger and more aggressive. That big hump on their backs is where their shoulder muscles meet – incredibly powerful! It is interesting to know that these bears are very fond of dandelions. During the spring they can often be seen on the roadside eating their favorite yellow flowers.

Alaska - Grizzly Bear

There are many different types of land mammals to see in Alaska. Two of them, the moose and Grizzly bear, are the largest mammals in their families.Visit Alaska in the spring for the chance to see these incredible creatures with their young. The land animals of Alaska are nothing short of amazing.

Travel Alaska: Trip Planning

Ready to plan your own trip to Alaska? Visit the Travel Alaska website, the official State of Alaska Vacation and Travel Information website for maps and places to go, things to do, places to stay, and more about experiencing Alaska.

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