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Poise Microliners for Light Bladder Leakage - Take That LBL! Ad

Not too long ago I wrote a post called, Growing Older – It’s Not All Bad (Great News About LBL). It was to introduce a new product, Poise Microliner for Light Bladder Leakage.  Since that time I’ve had the chance to pick up a pack from my local Walmart to check them out for myself.

Poise Microliners for Light Bladder Leakage

I was impressed with the thinness of the Poise Microliners. They were able to make them so thin and comfortable by creating SAM (super absorbent material) that handles light leakage like a champ. But I was curious what that meant, just how much liquid could these  Poise Microliners hold?

I filled a measuring cup with water and red wine vinegar, it’s the only thing I had to color the water since I don’t keep food coloring in the house, but it did the trick. I just wanted to be able to tell when the pad was soaked.

Poise Microliners for Light Bladder Leakage - Take That LBL! Ad

I poured the water/vinegar mixture until the pad was saturated and then checked to see how much it had absorbed. I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to soak up almost a full ¼ cup of liquid before I leaked. That’s some pretty good protection!

Obviously this is for the lightest of bladder leakages and it appears to do the trick and quickly. I also loved how small and compact the pads are and that they’re individually wrapped. It’d be easy to put 2-3 in my pocket and no one would know they were there.

Poise Microliners for Light Bladder Leakage - Take That LBL! Ad

Poise Products – For Every Leakage Need

If you need more protection there are plenty of other Poise products available from these liners for light bladder leakage to full undergarments for complete coverage.

You can find the new Microliners and other products from Poise at Walmart at their everyday low prices.

What do you think? Will you be trying the new Poise Microliners?

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