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"Straight Talk" event Invisalign Teen: Straight Talk For Generation Z #InvisalignTalk @Invisalign sponsored

“Straight Talk” event

As I make my way through the first year of my thirties, I can’t say that I miss being a teenager. Oh, sure, I get nostalgic – just last night, I was watching a YouTube montage called “Remember 1999” that featured some of my favorite memories, like The Matrix and Britney’s early albums. But overall, I wouldn’t want to go back. There are things I wish I could change, though, and sometimes I wish I could step into the past temporarily to fix them – if I had a time machine Γ  la Bill & Ted (See what I did there? Another ’90s movie reference!) one of the things I would do is give teen Beeb some braces. I’ve never had my teeth straightened and, as I get older, it is one childish trait that does NOT make me look younger.

But as it turns out, I may not need that time machine after all thanks to Invisalign. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign provide patients with clear, removable plastic aligners. In addition to the subtle appearance, having removable aligners means that you can eat any food, continue to floss and brush as normal, and avoid injuries. And for “Generation Z”, there is now Invisalign Teen, which is suitable for both pre-teens and teens. I recently attended a “Straight Talk” event in Seattle hosted by The SITS Girls and Invisalign, where we learned all about this method of tooth straightening. It was quite enlightening, and I soon realized there were a number of myths surrounding the topic:

Myth #1: Removable Aligners?! My Kid Will Lose Those Instantly – $$$ Down The Drain!

Straight Talk: One of the benefits of Invisalign Teen is that it includes six – count ’em! – free replacement aligners if your teen should lose them. Score!

Myth #2: But Invisalign is Just For Cosmetic Use; My Child Has Orthodontic Issues.

Straight Talk: Invisalign can actually be used for a variety of complex issues – check out photos of invisalign results on their website and you’ll be impressed.

Invisalign results: Crystal "Straight Talk" event Invisalign Teen: Straight Talk For Generation Z #InvisalignTalk @Invisalign sponsored

Invisalign results: Crystal

Myth #3: Won’t This Cost More Money?

Straight Talk: If you’re concerned about what clear braces cost, you’ll be heartened to learn that Invisalign Teen is generally comparable in cost to traditional braces, and also covered by many dental insurance plans.

For more information and myths dispelled, check out this handy infographic, visit the Invisalign Website and check out Invisalign on Twitter and Facebook.

Were You Surprised to Learn The Truth Behind Any of These Myths?