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Hunger-Free Summer - How You Can Feed a Child in 3 Minutes - #HungerFreeSummer ad

I worked for a local elementary school as the head secretary for three years during the late 90’s and early 00’s. The school was 7 miles from my children’s elementary school, but while the two schools were geographically close, economically they were worlds part. The school I worked at had the highest number of kids on free/reduced lunch in the district and the most transient population. Those are statistic that school still holds today. While it’s been almost 15 years since I left what turned out to be the hardest job I ever held, it’s as if time is frozen there.

The kids attending now are likely the offspring of the kids I cared for during my time there.  They were the kids who had nothing to eat outside of the free meals we served and I often worried about what they did for food during the school holidays and summer. For many I have to assume they went hungry.

Thankfully there are companies that see the problem and are working to solve it. The ConAgra Foods Foundation estimates that nearly 90% of the kids who receive free/reduced lunches are at risk of going hungry during the summer, and we all know that when you’re hungry, truly hungry, you can’t be a kid.

ConAgra Foods’ Hunger-Free Summer

The Foundation is currently working with 26 food banks in 18 states to provide Hunger-Free Summer grants which range from $20K to $50 to expand the summer feeding programs.   ConAgra Foods’ Hunger-Free Summer is working with Feeding America  to reach a minimum of 25% more children this summer than last and they hope to do that ever year for the next five years.

So how are they doing on that challenge? This year they’re on track to EXCEED that goal! The’ve increased the number of children being reached by this program by 166% over the last four years. That’s amazing! They’ve helped deliver over 3.8 million meals to hungry children.

Hunger-Free Summer: You Can You Can Feed a Child in Just 3 Minutes

With every goal achieved, we have to remember that there are still hungry children that haven’t been reached. But ConAgra Foods isn’t ready to give in. Instead they’ve partnered with Kid President to create a video to help spread the message and just by viewing, liking or share the video you’ll help to raise awareness for child hunger PLUS you’ll trigger a donation!

That’s right! For each video view, like or share, ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America, up to two million meals.¹

Kid President’s 5 Things That Make Summer Awesome

So just by watching this adorable 3-1/2 minute video and liking and sharing it, you can feed THREE children. That’s pretty exciting and so easy. Plus when you share it, that opens up the possibility of more meals being donated through your friends and family liking, viewing, or sharing the video too!

More About the ConAgra Foods Foundation

So what is the ConAgra Foods Foundation and what’s their purpose? The ConAgra Foods Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity which is primarily funded by the ConAgra Foods. They’ve committed $10 million dollars through a 5-year partnership with Feeding America. It’s the largest donation that’s ever been made to Feeding America that is specifically earmarked to fight child hunger.

The Foundation has provided more than 355 million pounds of food and $38m dollars to fight child hunger. The monies have gone for capacity building, feeding programs, and research. It’s easy to see why they’re considered to be a leader in working to curb child hunger.

Volunteer for Feeding America

Want to do more? You can volunteer for Feeding America. Volunteer duties include transporting food, helping at existing feeding locations with food prep and clean-up, or doing activities with the kids. They also need Virtual Volunteers to spread the word. You can find out more about the volunteer opportunities with Feeding America on their website,

Not able to volunteer by still want to help? Become an advocate. Find a meal site in your area by calling the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479). Or learn more about the issue of child hunger and all that it entails. Visit and click on the “tacking action” tab.

It makes me happy to know that there is a program in place to help kids with nutritional meals over the summer and I love that I can help feed them by taking 3-1/2 minutes out of my schedule.  I hope you’ll find the time to do the same.

I was so inspired by learning more about this program that I contacted my local food bank for a volunteer opportunity. While sadly they’re not part of this program, it’s still a way I can benefit my community, and who knows, maybe they will be in the future. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help my neighbors.

Before you go, can you take 3-1/2 minutes to feed a child?  Watch it – Like it – Share it!

Now it’s your turn. What can YOU do to help end child hunger?

1For every view, like or share of this Kid President video recorded on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ from May 22, 2014 through July 31, 2014, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate 11.1¢, the cost for Feeding America to provide one meal through its network of local food banks. Minimum donation of 10,000 meals ($11,111). Maximum donation of two million meals ($222,000). Valid in U.S. only.