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My All-Star Daughter – Keep Good Going

When you have kids, it makes you stop and think about what you’re doing in the world. It reminds you that they’re watching all the time, so it encourages you to be the kind of person you want them to be.

Keep Good Going  - from the moment each of our children were born, we promised to support their dreams - sponsored

It’s that kind of support that leads to great kids who become fabulous leaders out in the real world once they leave your nest. But to get there, they made need a little extra help. The video above, My All-Star Daughter, shares the story of a set of parents who have gone the extra-mile to help her realize her dreams and follow her passion. As parents, my husband and I were happy to do the same. When our youngest child graduated from college we supported him financially so he could afford to take an internship that eventually led him to a full-time job in his chosen profession.

Without our support, he likely would have had to do what most new college graduates are forced to do; take a job with benefits and pay to support himself, even if it isn’t the job he spent four years of training to do. We continue to support his goals and dreams and those of his brother who travels the world, because it’s both our duty and privilege as their parents.

Alex living his dream thanks to support from mom and dad Keep Good Going  - from the moment each of children were born, we promised to support their dreams - sponsored

What Does it Mean to Keep Good Going?

Keep Good Going Life Lessons are little nuggets of wisdom or insights that can be profound truths that can be simple or weighty, but they’re created from life experiences. It’s the notion that supports the perpetuation of personal good. In doing so, it will positively affect everyone. New York Life encourages the importance of keeping good going by providing financial and life insurance products that will allow your children and spouse to flourish.

For me that means that because we have our future secured, it’s easier to help our children out now so that they can work to secure their own future as well. We have life insurance to make sure we don’t leave behind a financial burden for our children and investments to be sure we’re taken care of in our old age to prevent imposing on them during that time as well.

How Do You Keep Good Going?

How are you keeping good going? Are you mentoring someone? Have you helped someone achieve his/her dreams? I’d love to hear your experiences on how you Keep Good Going.

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