Tred: Car Test Drives For The Whole Family

My husband and I are shopping for a new car — now that we have two kids, it’s time to give up my trusty Honda Accord and get something a little bigger to accommodate our growing family. We’ve assessed what we like and done our research — narrowing it down to the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

I’d never driven either, and I’ll be the one driving this new baby the majority of the time so I wanted to be sure to try them out before I made my final decision. However…the idea of giving up one of our precious Saturdays to drag both kids down to a nearby dealership for a couple of hours sounded like complete torture — that is, until my husband came home from work one day raving about a new local start up called Tred.

Tred Test Drive: They Bring The Best Deal To You

Basically, Tred is a company that makes new car shopping fun and easy. You comparison shop for cars on their website, choosing everything you want in your new car right down to features and colors. They’ll give you guaranteed car and trade-in pricing from local dealerships without you ever having to so much as call a dealer.

Then — here’s the BEST part — they deliver that exact car right to your doorstep.  You pick where you’d like your Tred test drive to happen and they bring you the vehicle. There is no obligation to buy and the purchase is made at the dealership, not directly from Tred.

Tred Test Drive:  We wanted to try a white 2014 Honda Pilot with leather interior -- so last Saturday, that's what showed up in my driveway.

Tred Test Drive: We wanted to try a white 2014 Honda Pilot with leather interior — so last Saturday, that’s what showed up in my driveway.

Tred: Car Test Drives For The Whole Family

Our Tred driver, Keoni, helped us load two car seats into the back seat and accompanied us on our test drive — you get to go up to 15 miles, which is far enough for us to get from our house out to the freeway, down a few exits and back. I loved being able to try it out on surface and highway streets, and when we got back we could even drive it into our garage to make sure the bigger sized vehicle fit. That’s not something you can do at the dealer.

Plus, Tred employs college-educated “experts” to deliver the cars and all have some industry experience. The Seattle start-up is financially backed by former General Motors chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner, but is all that enough to get people to use the service? For me, yes! Our test drive was  done in 30 minutes, start to finish. No messing up nap time schedules, no cranky kids whining at me (my three-year-old thought the whole thing was totally exciting), and no dealing with salespeople. We’ve had a few local dealerships follow up with us since then, but even that has been pretty hassle-free.

I can’t recommend this enough — if you have kids, this is hands-down the best way to shop for a new car, and no this isn’t a sponsored post. I just loved the service and thought I’d let you know about it too.  Tred is only available in Seattle for now, but I hear they’re expanding and could be coming to other cities soon. Great news, too — it looks like they’re running a special right now where you can get your first car delivery for free with the promo code “JUNESPECIAL” (the regular fee is $19). Check it out and book yours today, or follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for a great test drive, Tred! Can’t wait to get my new wheels.