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I know, every woman hates shaving, but I honestly think I do more than most. I actually have nightmares about it! No, not bloody, scary horror-inducing cuts where I bleed out; my dreams are more social in nature. In every one of them I’m out in public when I look down and realize I have hairy legs! I try everything imaginable to hide them like hiding behind things, throwing a coat over them, or standing behind someone else. Sometimes my sleeping self gives up and grows defiant and screams “It’s just hair!”

Madonna Hairy Armpit - Long Hair Don't Care

Until the rest of the US thinks like Madonna, I think shaving is here to stay.

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Weirdly, I have a version of this dream several times a month. I have to wonder why. I know part of it is that I hate having to conform to US standards of hairlessness. In our society we spend billions of dollars getting rid of facial, arm, pubic, and leg hair, and then spend billions more putting fake hair on our head! I’ll never understand why we feel the need to shape, prune, pluck, and shave, but while it’s the society standard, I have to conform or stick out.

That said, I still won’t shave. I have a knack for cutting myself every single time I do, so I have regular leg waxing done. Sure it’s expensive, but for most people if you do it enough the hair follicles get damaged and the hair actually stops growing, meaning fewer waxing sessions. Not so for me!

While waxing is my preferred method of hair removal, there’s one problem with it; the grow-out period. You see the wax needs 1/8-1/4” of hair to grab on to. But that means if I want to wear shorts, a dress, or skirt in the 2-weeks before my next appointment, I have to either go out with stubble (not my thing) or shave. So I keep shaving equipment on hand for those times I have to use it or I switch my outfit to pants.

I’ve had the chance to try two new women’s shaving product that are organic and natural. Both products were designed by a fellow for his wife, who like me, hated shaving. He set out to make a great smelling, natural product that would feel luxurious and not be harmful to her skin. He did that by creating the Whish Body line which is made from all natural ingredients which are paraban free, sulfate free, TEA & DEA free, and petrochemical free. Who can complain about that!

Whish Body Shave Crave Shaving Cream

This shaving cream isn’t like the stuff you steal from hubby. It’s creamy like a lotion and when mixed with a little warm water, it’s slathered over your skin to prep it for shaving. It’s VERY lightly scented and goes on smoothly. The version I tried was the Whish Body Pomegranate Shave Cream which comes in a cute pink container. It has a pump top applicator and is made, like all Whish products, in the USA which I adore! Plus they NEVER test their products on animals and they’re made from earth-friendly ingredients.

Whish Body Shave Products for Women -  #Whish #shaving #hairremoval #MC #sponsored

It worked beautifully though I did manage to cut myself with the very first swipe of the blade as I always do. The difference was that the shaving cream never burned my skin nor the fresh wound I gave myself! It allowed the blade to glide easily over my skin, but it did require hot water to clean it out of the double-bladed razor.

Whish Body Flawless – Ingrown Hair Serum

I finished my shave with Whish Body Flawless. It’s fantastically oily and applies easily – no dragging over newly shaved skin. It caused no irritation to my shaving cut, a huge plus, and thanks to all of its fabulous ingredients. It made a noticeable improvement in the area I used it in-I did just a small area to show the effectiveness of it on my skin next to untreated skin.

The moisturizing aspect of the Flawless is phenomenal, but I truly amazed at how quickly it settled down the angry red bumps on my leg and smoothed my skin (the photo below is of my leg 5 minutes after applying Flawless just to the bottom portion and yes, I have a lot of freckles the camera picks up, I swear there aren’t that many with the naked eye). But will it help with ingrown hairs? I’m not sure. I don’t know that I’ve ever had an ingrown hair on my leg, but for the bikini area I’m sure it’ll be appreciated.

Natural and Organic Shave Products for Women by Whish -  #Whish #shaving #hairremoval #MC #sponsored

Flawless is said to weaken the hair follicles to inhibit future hair growth as well. I’ve not used it long enough to know if that’s true for me, but I suspect my genetically strong hair will continue to grow even with its use. I’ll let you know if that’s not true later on or check out the reviews on Nordstrom.com or these third party Clinical Study Results  from the Whish website – after four weeks of use, Flawless showed a 34% decrease in ingrown hairs vs. a 9% decrease with the placebo. Additionally, 89% found it prevented ingrown hairs, 100% found it soothed inflamed skin, 100% found it reduced skin redness on shaving, and 100% found it improved the overall appearance of their skin.

The Whish Body Shaving line is more expensive than dime store women’s shaving products, but they’re worth it. First because you use such a small amount so they last for months and secondly because they’re made with amazing ingredients. I have no problem paying for something that’s good for my skin and isn’t full of harmful chemicals my body has to fight off.

I’m looking forward to trying more of their bath and body line soon. They have an online store and their products are available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com.

Are you a happy with your current shaving routine? Or are you having nightmares too?

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