I am a Verizon Wireless ambassador (#VZWBuzz). As part of that ambassadorship, I was provided travel and accommodations to attend an event in San Francisco to learn more about Verizon’s services and products. Verizon Wireless Ambassadors West Coast #VZWBuzz  ad I apologize for not writing this before I left. Usually when I go away on a press trip, I let you know where I’m going and provide you the hashtag so you can follow along. I hate when someone I follow starts using a weird hashtag and I have no idea what it’s for. So again, I’m sorry that I’ve done that this week. Where I’ve been is in San Francisco. In fact, I’m sitting at the Oakland airport watching all of the Denver bound passengers deal with delays and cancellations. It makes me thankful that while my flight is delayed, I’ll still probably get out before they do. And it’s sitting here watching people deal with the delay that made me think about my mission here this week.

Technology Gives Us Choices and Control

Technology has certainly changed the way airport delays are handled. Back when I took my first flight in 1983 (on my honeymoon to Reno, yes, that long ago), when a flight was delayed passengers had no way of rebooking themselves or making alternative arrangements. We were literally at the mercy of the airlines to find out any information Today, things are much different. When it was announced there might be a delay due to weather, smartphones and tablets all over the gate area were switched from entertainment mode to get-me-home mode. Their users were checking the Denver airport, the weather, alternative flights, and more and they were communicating their finds to others doing the same. There’s a camaraderie between those that have embraced the digital life. These people aren’t waiting for the inevitable cancellation, they’re be proactive and moving their flights to hubs away from Denver that will get them to their final destination before this one will even take off, if indeed it does takeoff at its new scheduled time. The others are standing in line waiting for the airline staff to figure it out fore them.

When Technology Improves Our Lives

Technology and how we integrate it into our lives  is why I’ve been in San Francisco as a guest of Verizon Wireless. While here I’ve been treated to some new products myself to improve my working capabilities on the road, including the Nokia Lumina Tablet I’m typing on now. I’ve also been introduced to some cool new apps and even the tech-run Uber company who’s car service I used four times over the last three days. To say I have a lot to share with you would be an understatement and I hope that if you’re a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram follower you’ve seen the pictures I’ve been posting from here. I’ll be sharing them along with more information over the next few weeks but for now, check out #VZWBuzz, #MoreNorCal (more North California), and #Lumia to see what I’ve been up to as well as the other Verizon Ambassadors. Verizon Ambassadors - San Francisco May 2014 #VZWBUZZ ad

Technology Brings People Together

We’re all headed home to many different areas of the country including Mexico and Alaska, but one thing we all have in common is the desire to make technology work FOR us. I’ve reconnected with some old friends and have made new ones that I’ll keep in contact with via the Internet. These connections help to make me a kinder and more understanding person as I learn how other people live, and I hope the same for them. If you have any questions about my role as a Verizon Ambassador or anything I’ve tweeted about while here, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.