This post about the Verizon Cloud app & service is brought to you as part of my Verizon Ambassadorship which allows me to try new devices and services and share them with you; all opinions are my own.

Verizon Cloud: Secure Backup and Storage of Your Important Data

It seems like every day I read one of my online friends lamenting about the loss, damage, or theft of their smartphone or computer and with it all their precious photos and documents. It happens so often and yet it doesn’t have to! There are so many ways to back up your data that there really isn’t any reason to ever lose your pictures, contacts, and more when you lose your device.

Verizon Cloud – Secure Backup and Storage of Your Important Data

The easiest way to prevent this from happening to you is to invest in an automatic backup service to the Cloud. What’s a Cloud? It’s an online service that backs your data up off site. That way your data is copied and stored away from your device so if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you still have access to all your data.

One easy backup option is the Verizon Cloud service which I’m currently using my smartphone. It backs up and syncs my contacts, pictures, and more automatically so I never have to. I just took a few minutes to set it up. All I had to do was download the app, open it on my device, and then chose which information I wanted to protect. It was that simple! Now it will automatically copy everything I’ve selected to the Cloud every time I add something new or make a change to existing stored data.

Setting Up Verizon Cloud Service - Step-by-Step Tutorial


How Much of the Cloud is Enough?

If you have a lot of contacts and want to store call logs and messages (the Verizon Cloud can sync the last 90 days of text message on the first sync and then all new sent or received messages after that), you’ll likely find the free 5 GB option will work for you for a while. But the more videos and photos you keep the more storage you’ll need. Verizon makes it easy to keep track of the data you’re using and upgrading is simple and inexpensive.  Get up to 125 GB for a monthly fee (visit for current pricing).

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Accessing the Cloud Online

You can also access your Cloud storage from almost any Internet connected device (check the a list of supported devices here). This means that I can access the photos I’ve taken to edit them for a story right from my laptop or desktop without having to find a cord and connecting the smartphone to my computer.  That saves me so much time! I just let the photos upload to the Verizon Cloud and then log into My Verizon to download them – so simple! Plus you can stream your stored music and videos from the Verizon Cloud so you don’t have to download them to your device.

Online Verizon Cloud Access

Secure Backup to the Verizon Cloud Means Peace of Mind

Backing up does use your data plan, but it does it automatically and in the background, so you’ll have access in the event your phone goes missing to everything right away.. But this valuable services is not just for phones. Any eligible device can be connected to the Verizon Cloud for automatic backup and storage.

Think about your Smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer – what would you lose if it disappeared today? Could you retrieve everything you needed WITHOUT the Verizon Cloud?

Find Out More about the Verizon Cloud

Verizon customer? Download the app today! You get 5GB just for signing up. Already a Verizon Cloud user? Manage your content on the web.

New to Verizon Cloud? Watch a video tutorial for more tips on understanding and using the service plus the Verizon Cloud FAQs for additional answers.

Install the Verizon Cloud App

Download the  FREE Verizon Cloud app for your smartphone, tablet or computer to upload and sync your data on a secure cloud server.