Quote Canvas Art DIY: Easy to Make Quotable Wall Hanging

Quote canvas art is  so popular right now, but it’s so expensive! Many start at over $40 and that’s for a small 8″x10″ size. I know I prefer a larger size to really make an impact on my wall, so the choice is easy – make it yourself!

Inexpensive canvases can be bought at any craft store – pick the size that’s perfect for your space. No frame is needed, it just has to be a stretched canvas. Because you’ll be using acrylic paint, gesso isn’t required, so save yourself some money and buy a plain canvas.

Choose two complimentary colors of paint plus black (though you could certainly use white, navy, or any other color you desire as the top coat). You could also paint a solid base coat and a rainbow top coat – the possibilities are endless! Switch up an try pearl paint for a softer hue.

This is an easy craft for tweens and teens and they make perfect gifts.

 Quote Canvas Art DIY – Easy to Make Quotable Wall Hanging

Easy Wall Art Quote Craft - crafting ideas and diy

Quote Canvas Art DIY Supplies:

Quote Canvas Art DIY Directions:

  1. Paint canvas color of choice. If you’d like a word or two to pop, paint a few blocks of a different color where those words will fall.
  2. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours.
  3. Once dry, apply your vinyl quote or use your vinyl alphabet stickers to create your quote. Be sure to press them down firmly and seal the edges of the letters to the canvas to prevent the next layer of paint from seeping under them.
  4. Coat the entire canvas in a thin layer of black paint. Be careful around the letters to prevent bleeding.
  5. Allow to dry completely. Once dry, carefully remove lettering carefully. A straight pin is helpful in finding the edge of the letters without marring the paint.
  6. Optional: To give it a distressed look, go over the canvas with a piece of fine grit sandpaper or dry-brush with white paint.
  7. Add the hanging kit and enjoy!

That’s it! You have your own quotable wall quote to hang in your home. These are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, family room, or hallway. They add a pop of color and a chance to reflect on what’s important to you.

Need a resource for quotes? There are so quote websites many available online, but my favorite is GoodReads Quotes. I like the easy-to-use format and because it’s a book site, they cover a lot of author quotes I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Have you tried making your own Quote Canvas Art? What quote would you choose?