I participated in a Reebok Skyscape shoes campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. #MC #sponsored #skyscape

Reebok Skyscape Shoes Walking Shoes -  #MC #sponsored #skyscape

I insist on wearing comfortable shoes. I decided long ago that when my feet hurt, it’s impossible to enjoy life, so I’m always on the lookout for shoes that fit my requirements of comfort first and style second. However, when I can find shoes that are cute AND comfortable, I usually buy a few pairs in different colors!

That’s exactly how I felt after I purchased a pair of Reebok Skyscape shoes; I loved them so much I wanted them in a rainbow of colors! This surprised me since they’re a pair I would normally have passed by on the store display. It’s not because I don’t like the looks of them, I do, it’s because they’re not available in a wide width. I wear a 10W in nearly every shoe I’ve ever tried on so I figured there was no way they’d fit me.  Still, I was game to try them because they’re billed as a really lightweight and comfortable shoe, so I headed to my local Kohl’s store to find out for myself.

Luckily for me they had one pair of size 10’s in stock in the black (they’re also available in gray, blue, and pink). I pulled them out of the box expecting a Cinderella’s stepsister moment where the shoe dangles from the toes with no realistic expectation of it ever fitting onto the foot no matter how much tugging and pulling is applied. To my surprise, not only did they fit, but they felt AMAZING!  They’re a bit like wearing a wetsuit – lots of stretch and give, but with a little support as well.

Reebok Skyscape Shoes - comfy style

To say I’ve fallen in love with these Reebok Skyscape shoes is an understatement. My only worry was that my feet would sweat in them so I took care of that by wearing them with fabulous new socks I found on my last trip that have bamboo in them to wick away any moisture. I’m not sure if my dry feet are from the socks, the shoes, or the combination, but it works for me!

Reebok Skyscape Shoes – How do they make them so light?

What I’ve found out about these casual shoes is that they’re made the same way molded foam bras are and that’s why they have such a great 2-way stretch. But what also makes them so comfortable is that they’re seamless so there’s nothing rubbing, pinching, or pressure on my feet like regular shoes with seams can create. The sole is very flexible with a little rubber for traction – I could literally dance in these!

Reebok Skyscape Shoes Walking Shoes - Details - #MC #sponsored #skyscape

Reebok Skyscape Forever featuring Miranda Kerr

Check out this cheeky ad campaign featuring the Skyscape shoes and Miranda Kerr.

How light are these shoes? They weigh FIVE ounces! You can’t imagine just how light they are, but they still have cushion on the bottom for comfort in walking. I’ve been wearing mine around the house and out into the garden and they still look new. Should they need a cleaning in the future, they can be machine washed in cold water.

Reebok Skyscape Shoes – Year Round Fashion & Comfort

They’re perfect for me all-year round with our mild weather. I’ll be wearing them with jeans, capris, shorts, and even casual skirts as the year progresses. I would have loved to have been able to pick them up in pink for a spring pop of color, but alas, they were not available in my size. The black works with so many outfits I don’t regret them at all.

Reebok Skyscape Shoes - Stylish and Comfortable - #MC #sponsored #skyscape

These are my new favorite shoes and I’ve been wearing them every day. I can honestly say they’re like wearing nothing at all plus there’s no break-in period – they feel great from the first moment. Yesterday put on a pair of my older walking shoes because they were closest to the door and goodness, what a difference. It felt like I was dragging around two anchors! No thanks, I’ll stick to my new Reebok Skyscape shoes!

Reebok Skyscape Shoes – Where to Buy

The Reebok Skyscape shoes retail for around $60 a pair and can be purchased at Kohl’s stores and Khols.com. You can also find an expanded selection of colors and patterns on the Reebok website including tie-dye, Zebra, and Leopard.

Have you tried a pair of these lightweight Reebok Skyscapes?