4 Gardening Apps for iOSMy local AT&T rep noticed that I love gardening so he provided me with a list of popular gardening apps including 4 free apps for the iPad and iPhone (Apple iOs) he thought I’d like. Since I’m an Android girl, I thought I’d share these for your Apple lovers. By the way, did you know that data use is up among users here in Washington by 60% over last year. It’s no surprise when great apps like these exist!

Gardening Apps for Apple iOS – iPhone & iPad

Food Gardening Guide  (iOS)

Want to grow your own organic food? This free app from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine will give you everything you need including expert gardening techniques, info on top crops, plus access to the magazine’s blog feeds which covers “Do It Yourself” projects, green homes, natural health, and more.

Grow Your Own (iOS)

UPDATED April 2014 – The Royal Horticultural Society app is for the “less confident” gardener in your. It’s a great resource for anyone novice gardener looking to start growing produce at home. The free version of the app provides valuable info on 20 common varieties of fruit and vegetables with profiles for each that will help you decide what to attempt based on your space and your gardening skills. Information includes sowing and harvesting instructions and information on common gardening problems. You can also add fruit and vegetable profiles to the “My Garden” section of the app with calendar alerts to remind you when it’s time to tend to your plants.

Garden Insects Guide (iOS)

MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine wants you to know that not all insects are bad for your garden! With their free guide, you’ll be able to identify the bugs that mean your garden harm and those that are beneficial. It also provides advice on how to prevent damage from those bad bugs and ways to get rid of them naturally and organically. Then they teach you ways to attract the beneficial bugs.

Planting Planner (iOS)

Organic Gardening magazine has a free app that’s helps you determine the correct time to plant and what varieties to plant where – so important in growing a great garden! Set up your garden on the app, then select what you want to grow from the extensive database for detailed information. It also offers GPS supported location finder identifies frost dates for your garden and weather data for your area.

Have you tried a gardening app? Do you have a favorite?