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Growing where there's sun takes some thought and sometimes effort - #grosomethinggreater ad

It’s spring all across the US but like many years, Mother Nature is a little mixed up. Some areas had snow just a few days ago while here in Seattle we’ve somehow skipped right into fall. It’s cold and wet and feels so far from planting time. But I see friends in California posting their first crops, so it’s got me pretty excited about growing a few herbs, fruits, and vegetables again this year.

Gardening Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

I’m hoping THIS will be the year that our raspberry bushes finally put out enough fruit to make a pie. Granted, my husband is the reason they’ve not been prolific – he keeps trimming them at the wrong time of year. No matter how many times I try to explain why it’s important only to trim them AFTER they bear fruit for the year, he does it when they get large and unwieldy and when they’re setting their buds. His untimely trimming cuts off all of the potential for a great crop, but he says he does it when he has time.

What he hasn’t messed up yet are our blueberry bushes. They put out fruit around the Fourth of July and continue to bear for 3-4 weeks. We very smartly put in three different bushes that bear early-, mid-, and late-season so we have fresh berries for weeks. We rarely have enough to put up, we tend to eat them by the handfuls, sometimes while we’re picking them.

Hints and tips on growing fruits and vegetables plus what NOT to do - #grosomethinggreater ad

I’m hoping this the sun will shine enough to grow tomatoes. It’s not easy to grow tomatoes when it’s gray and rainy, but I’m going to try it again this year. My husband built some hangers off the edge of the deck for fabric planters to take advantage of the only full sun we have.. We’ve done pretty well with strawberries there, but tomatoes are another story.

I’m also going to try a bag of potatoes on the deck. The old deck is the last place in the yard that gets sun. I’m hoping it’s enough. But to be sure, I’m going to do a little research before I plant. In fact, knowing what to plant, where to plant it, and more importantly when to plant it is the basis for any good garden. You can get help online or at your local library. Many have Master Gardener’s available on the weekend to answer your questions about your plants and help you identify the bugs and pests that are eating them.

Why I Garden

I garden to get a little exercise and fresh air and it’s a way for me to control what pesticides and fertilizers I expose myself and my family too. I prefer an organic fertilizer, especially on anything my family will be eating, so I choose to use Miracle-Gro Organic Choice® All Purpose Plant Food for my vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits. I only have to feed them every two months during the growing season (which for us mean 2-3 times) and that’s it. I need something pretty fool-proof.  For planters, I use a liquid version.

Why I Garden - to provide a haven for the birds, bees, and butterflies - #grosomethinggreater ad

Gardening also lets me provide a haven for butterflies, birds, and bees, and it allows me to give back to my community by sharing my excess with my local food bank. Most food banks accept homegrown fruits and vegetable donations – call your local food back before dropping off your garden goodies to be sure.

Gro Something Greater

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What’s your secret to a great garden? I’d love to hear your tips.