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Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Or week. Or month. This is one of those times and this week I’ve used more than a few shortcuts to keep my husband fed.

Just because food has to be fast, that doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty. I picked up a Raybern’s® Deli Sandwich while I was at Walmart the other day to see if my hubby would like it. They have quite a few varieties to choose from in both the fresh deli section and the frozen food freezers.

It turs out that Raybern’s® actually invented the frozen deli sandwich. Over 30 years ago Ray and Bernie Raybern spent four years developing their signature Raybern’s® signature pastrami  sandwich. They spent another year developing the Raybern’s® patented bread recipe. Who knew?!?

But it’s this time and dedication that makes their sandwiches taste like they’re freshly made. Their bread is meant to be soft after microwaving without being mushy and getting hard; something most bread products do in the microwave.

Raybern’s® Heat ‘n’ Serve sandwiches are wrapped in butcher paper just like the deli’s do to preserve their freshness. It also makes a perfect wrapper for eating on the go.

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My husband thoroughly enjoyed his Raybern’s® New York Style Steak sandwich. The gooey cheese and spicy beef were perfect with the soft bread. Unfortuantley they didn’t have a vegetarian version for me to try out.

Now that I know he’s a fan I’ll be stocking a few of the frozen varieties in the freezer to have on hand when I’m too darn tired to cook. That should help out when things get too crazy around here again….sometime tomorrow!

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Have you tried these frozen or fresh deli sandwiches yourself?