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Tentacles Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid, and Cuttlefishes

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886 Cannery Row
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Child $24.95
(Ages 3-12, under 3 free)
Student $34.95
(Ages 13-17 or college ID)
Senior $34.95
(Ages 65+)

This new exhibit opened to the public on 4/12/14 and it’s one that you won’t want to miss. It’s the first of it’s kind and the chance for us to get up close and see what occupies our sea. It focuses on Cephalopods  octopuses, cuttlefish, nautilus, mollusks, and squid.

Want to get the most out of your visit?  Download the Monterey Bay Aquarium App! You’ll get information about the animals and exhibits, plus special events and fun activities like feeding time alerts. Also, before you go, listen to two special podcasts about the new exhibit –  Tentacles preview, part 1 and part 2.

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Pictorial overview of Tentacles Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit- Cannery Row

From the moment you hit Cannery Row, you know something big is going on. Tentacles – Monterey Bay Aquarium – the new exhibit is welcomed to the area with banners featuring the octopuses most recognizable feature!

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - signs

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - roor

Even the roof of the Monterey Bay Aquarium got a makeover with a surprise visitor. Kids and adults are loving the new addition.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - New Monterey AquariumInside guests are greeted with a hint of what’s to come inside.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Octopus Myths (Tentacles Monterey Bay Aquarium New Exhibit Overview #Tentacles @SeeMonterey)

First a bit of history on the myths created in fictional stories of these ocean creatures.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Myths

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - meet the family

Then we meet the family. An interactive display which features all of the creatures we’re about to see.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - interactive technology exhibits

Tanks are well lighted and a perfect place to settle in and watch these sea creatures go about their lives.Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibits Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit

Technology and interactivity are wound in and around the live animals to add to the exhibit’s learning capacity, not take away from the wonder of them.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit

These sea creatures are notorious for the camouflage capabilities. Can you spot the white octopus? Hint, it’s in the center of the shot.Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - White Octopus


Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibist

I believe this is a Bigfin Reef Squid. They all look a bit alike to me, but they were pretty curious about us.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Red Octopus Description

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Red Octopus Tank

Did you spot the Red Octopus? You may have mistaken it for a rock.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Red Octopus

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Octopus Tank Description

This Octopus was hiding in plain site! I looked all over the tank only to find he was inches from  my face!

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Octopus Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Octopus Tank
This interactive area was very popular with people of all ages – it’s a chance to turn yourself into a Cephalopods! Make a face and you’re “painted” to look like one of them.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - activites for every age group
Then everyone’s new look is shared on a big screen.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Interactive Activities

That’s me in the top/center making my “OMG I JUST FOUND THE OCTOPUS” face. Add your email and they’ll send you your video.Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Interactive Activies for Everyone

Cuttlefish? Who knew they were so cute? And clever!Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - cuttlefish description

They’re masters at camouflage for sure!

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - cuttlefish tank Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Cuttlefush

Some were even buried under the sand.
Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Cuttlefish Others were all about getting their close-ups in.
Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - cephalopod

Probably my favorite, the nautilus are really unique looking animals and the only cephalopod without an external shell.Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Cephalopods
Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - Cephalopod Tank

If you have a chance, get to Tentacles. It’s a temporary exhibit only scheduled through Labor Day 2016. But it’s worth a trip to see now so you don’t miss out.

Monterey Aquarium Tentacles Exhibit - magnet

Please note that every tank has 2-3 genus backups, so no two days touring the exhibit will be the same.

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