Accommodations and travel were provided to facilitate this story; however, all opinions are my own. See Monterey #Tentacles

A few months ago I participated in a trip to Monterey County in California with a car company. It was a quick 2-day trip where we spent much of the time driving, but the few minutes I got to look at the coastline had me in awe. I vowed to come back again.

I should have known I was going to love the area. Brian visited Carmel-by-the-Sea last fall where he took some amazing photos and shared some of the meals and activities he did while here. But I never imagined that I’d have an opportunity to come back and really focus on all that this area has to offer and get the chance to share it with all of you!

17 Mile Drive - Pebble Beach, CA

17 Mile Drive – Pebble Beach, CA

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If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’ve likely seen me using the hashtag #Tentacles.  It’s a hint of what this trip is all about. Curious? See if you can figure it out from this list of what I’ll be seeing, doing, eating, and where I’ll be staying here in Monterey.

See Monterey: Tours and Activities

See Monterey – Where I’ll be Dining, Snacking & Tasting:

See Monterey – Where I’ll Be Staying:

New Octopus Exhibit TENTACLES at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photo Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Now that you’ve seen the list of what I’ll be doing, do you have a guess why it’s #Tentacles? If you guessed it has to do with a new octopus exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you’re right!  I’ll be sharing it and more about all of the things I’ll be doing live via Twitter and Facebook and then watch for follow-up posts where I’ll go into more details and share more photos.

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I wish you could all be here with me. Sharing it via Facebook & Twitter is my way of making sure you can be. How can I make it better for you?