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I have pretty much given up getting the stains out of my husband’s work clothes. On his days off, my husband is busy all day doing yard work, car repair, and more. He gets so dirty that I’d pretty much resigned myself to the grease and dirt stains being permanent.

The Biz Challenge – Greasy Work Clothes

But I got the chance to take a Biz cleaning challenge and so I took a random day’s clothing and gave it a try. On this day he’d worked on the brakes on his truck and it’s obvious he used the front of his shirt to wipe his hands off. Then he mowed the lawn and did some weeding. The pictures don’t do his shirt and pants justice to just how stained they were. And brake grease? Yea, I thought there was no way that was coming out.

Biz - Dirty Jeans Before - #BizChallenge ad

As you can see from both the shirt and the pants, these have been assigned to painting and repair duty for some time. They shirt has tiny holes and the pants have paint stains that have been washed and dried many, many times. They knees of the pants were coated in grease and dirt and looked like they’d be there permanently.

My husband was a good sport and tossed both his pants and shirt into the laundry bag. I took them down to our ancient washer and dryer and treated the stains per the Biz bottle’s instruction. I left them to sit for 10 minutes and then washed them with just a little Biz (though for normal staining you’d wash with your normal detergent).

Biz Stain Figher and My old Washing Machine - #BizChallenge ad

Did Biz Win the Cleaning Challenge?

The results? AMAZING. No seriously, there was only one tiny stain left on the shirt which may be a flaw in the fabric. And the pants? Sure, the paint stains are still there because they’ve been well cured, but everything else came out spotless. I was completely surprised at the results. Why? Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients in its one little bottle that tackles tough stains.

Biz Stain Remover Worked - #BizChallenge ad

I guess I never thought twice about trying Biz. Every other stain fighter and laundry pre-treater has let me down when it comes to grease. I guess my mother and grandmother really did know best because Biz does work. Check out the Biz Stainfighter page to find out how Biz compares to other brands and then find out yourself by taking the Biz challenge!

Stains Gone thanks to Biz - #BizChallenge ad

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