Every holiday we give our children candy and then we tell them they can’t eat it all. How frustrating for them and us! Why not consider replacing the candy with some other sweet treats they’ll enjoy long after Easter is over?

I picked out the best Easter themed book for toddlers. Some are books you likely read as a child, I know I did! Others feature new characters. Some are religious, others all about the Easter Bunny. Any one of them would make a great gift or treat in your child’s Easter Basket! Books encourage so much more than a chocolate egg or candy filled with artificial colors and flavors. Sure, Easter means sweets, but choose a few great quality treats and then fill your child’s basket up with books and treat them as special as the candy and they’ll learn to love books and reading!

Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers: Books!

 Bestsellers: Easter Books For Toddlers

These are the current best selling Easter books for Toddlers as reported by Amazon.com. They update the list hourly – any surprises on the list? I think many are classic Easter storybooks and will likely be on the list long past the Easter holiday.