I received samples of Lovely Candy Co candies to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Lovely Candy Co candies - Caramels and Chews - adIt’s not easy being a vegetarian who chooses not to consume artificial colors and flavors, and insists on GMO-free whenever possible. Especially when it comes to sweets and candy. Yes, I know, they’re not a necessity, but darn it, when I eat them, I want them to be delicious and not harmful.

Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Full of Chemicals to Be Good

Thankfully there are more and more companies who are creating products for picky eaters like me! The Lovely Candy Co is one that I can heartily recommend! Not only are they certified GMO-free, they’re gluten-free and some of their candies are vegan.

Lovely Candy Co Original Caramels - ad

Their caramels are made from rBST-Free whole milk, cane sugar, and a whole host of other ingredients that not only can I pronounce, but don’t take up 6” of space to list! In fact, their delicious Chocolate Caramel Swirl candies have just 9 ingredients and not a “flavor” among them! And taste? Like homemade! I also sampled the Lovely Candy Co’s Original Chewy Caramel (also amazing), and their Fruit Chews which have bits of real fruit in them.

While I loved all of these (the caramel’s were the first gone), I can’t wait to locate their Caramel Apple Caramels (made with dried apple fruit instead of apple flavor), their Organic Cherry Licorice Drops (there are so few vegetarian options for licorice – some better than others – and I love licorice!), and especially their Raspberry Fudgee Rolls (chocolate and raspberry together = heaven!).

Lovely Candy Co. Candies – Where to Buy

Luckily for me these healthier candies are available at Target Stores and other online and local stores (see the list of retailers here) as well as on the Lovely Candy Co website – 3 bags of the same flavor for $14.97 with free shipping! They also have sampler sizes (but trust me, go for the big bag, you’ll thank me later). They also offer bulk buys – anyone want to go in on a 20lb case of caramels with me?

Lovely Candy Co Superfruit Chews - Gluten and GMO-free ad

What kind of candy are you buying for your kids? Check out the Lovely Candy Co and compare it to the treats you give your kids. I think you’ll see these have no junk and they’ll never even miss it.

Have you see these delicious candies at your local Target Store?