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I’ll admit it. I assumed that if a movie went straight to home video it meant that it wasn’t good enough to be a theatrical release. Well I am publicly eating my words because Disney’s “The Pirate Fairy” is fabulous and yes, it’s a  direct to video movie.

I should have know it was going to be fantastic, after all,  it’s got some amazing voice talents behind the animation. In fact, it features the voices of Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston, two of my favorites, plus it includes an original song by Natasha Bedingfield. Win/win!

The Pirate Fairy – Finding Your Passion

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The film is filled with characters that will entertain both boys and girls. Beyond the Fairies who made their appearance in earlier films including Tinker Bell herself, this movie introduces a new Fairy named Zarina, an adorable new Croc, and some unsavory characters who’ll look a bit familiar if you’re a Disney fan.

It’s Zarina’s time with these repugnant characters that result is a story that involves some suspense, intrigue, and in the end a lesson about friendship and family.

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Extended Sneak Peek – The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy – Stunningly Beautiful

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The look of the film is stunning, pure Disney, and created by the DisneyToons Studio. They made sure the story and look felt cohesive with past  films and they worked to carry it into the future with a modern story, and they did it beautifully. The music adds so much to the tale and overall it’s just a fantastic film with a great story.

It even manages to remind kids that their gender doesn’t have to limit them when it comes to their passions and it’s ok to break out of the traditional gender mold that so many would like to keep them in. Sure, Zarina goes about it all wrong and causes quite a bit of trouble before she finally gets back on track. But that’s a perfect way to start a conversation with children about the choices they make and how they could accomplish the same thing without the trials and tribulations Zarina faces.

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I think the best part of the film is when you realize its connection to another well-loved movie. I’m not going to spoil it for you –just watch and enjoy!

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“The Pirate Fairy” Details

  • Disney's The Pirate Fairy Still Image - ad #piratefairybloggersRelease: April 1, 2014
  • Voice Cast:   Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston, Lucy Liu, Raven- Symone, Megan Hilty, Anjelica Huston
  • Director: Peggy Holmes
  • Producer:   Jennifer Magee-Cook
  • MPAA rating: G
  • Production company: DisneyToon Studios

Blu-Ray Special Features

  • Second Star to the Right: The Legacy of Never Land – Explore Never Land’s history and its endless ability to inspire
  • Croc-u-mentary – “Crocky” and his real-life relatives are the subject of this funny documentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Sing-Along Songs
  • The Making of “The Frigate That Flies” – Go Behind the Scenes with Tom Hiddleston for a close-up look at the recording of this song
  • Animated Shorts

Have you seen “The Pirate Fairy?”

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