This post is brought to you by Bear on the Chair, a new child’s behavior management system; all opinions are my own. #BearOnTheChair
Bear on the Chair Kickstarter Campaign Bear on the Chair, new  child’s behavior management system - ad #BearOnTheChair

I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter, the online place to find monetary support for projects -which can include making a new film, designing a piece of technology, or even a new child’s toy – from people like you and me. When you support a project, you become a backer, and backers are rewarded by various methods for supporting the start-up.

The goal is to make buying-in affordable for most people, so support starts at just a few dollars. But Kickstarter isn’t a charity, you get something of value in exchange for your cash. The interesting thing about Kickstarter is that it’s all or nothing. You’re pledging your support, but if the campaign doesn’t get 100% funding for the goal they stated, no one pays.

Bear on the Chair Kickstarter Campaign

Bear on the Chair Kickstarter Campaign - #bearonachair ad

I’ve supported several Kickstarter campaigns over the years. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs see their products get out there and today I’m helping out a small family-owned company who’s looking to get a new child’s toy on the market.

They’ve developed Bear on the Chair ®, a year-round behavior management system. As parents of a 6-year old girl, they were always looking for creative ways to reward her good behavior. But it was something their daughter said that set their path. She said she’d love to have a bear sitting on a chair that would give everyone a visible sign of how she was doing.

That’s when mom and dad went into action and designed Bear On The Chair®. A sweet little bear with a removable patch on his t-shirt that can be changed from happy to sad. The creators believe that children will want to keep their bear happy and will work on behaving to make their bear smile.

Sound interesting? Find out more on the Bear On The Chair® Kickstarter page and consider helping this bear get made. You can pledge as little as $10 or as much as $1000 and you only pay if the entire project gets funded. Plus you’ll get the incentives for the level you choose mailed to you at the end of a successful campaign.

Find out more about the family behind the Bear On The Chair®  and their Kickstart project. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

So what do you think about Bear On The Chair®?