We adore our dogs, but what we don’t love is the grooming bill. I’m not saying groomers don’t deserve their $50 per pup (plus tip) because they do. I’m just saying I can’t afford to get the girls groomed as often as they need to be. So we’ve gone the DIY grooming route by buying a great dog clippe – we love the Wahl Home Pet Clipper Kit #9160-210 – and coming to terms with the fact our attempts at grooming them will never come close to looking as good as they get at the groomers (though there was this experience – read Getting Your Money’s Worth at the Groomers, Accidentally).

Still, there was one task we just couldn’t get right and that was clipping their nails. I don’t know if my girls’ nails grow faster than most, but we seem to be always fighting to keep them from growing back into their pads. For some time now every time we clipped their nails it took both my husband and me – one to hold the dog and the other to clip – and it turned into a bloody mess. To say that trimming their nails was traumatic for both them and us is an understatement!

How to Clip A Dog’s Nails Without Making Them Bleed

That’s when I decided there had to be a better way, and I spent some time Googling and watched YouTube How To Videos. I finally found one that made sense. Better yet, I’ve done their nail cutting technique on the girls several times now, and it’s worked every single time and without a drop of blood. Plus, cutting their nails is no longer a traumatic experience for them or me!

The site, Self Help Dog Training, does recommend these pet nail clippers as well as  having styptic powder, cornstarch, or other clotting solution on hand in the off-chance you do accidently cut too deep. But if you’re getting blood when you cut, you’re likely doing it wrong.

They also suggest having dog treats available and treating the dog after every nail cut. That wasn’t necessary with my dogs – just a “good girl” was enough for them, but if your dog is highly traumatized, it may help to condition them to find nail clipping less scary.

Tips from the Dog Training Guys

The video is a little silly, and I’m not sure what I think about the Indian in the canoe reference, but I’ll admit when I went back to look for the video to share with you I recognized it instantly because of the hand-drawn graphics. I went through a lot of videos, and this one is the one that got my girls and me to stop hating nail trimming!