Blaze - The Case for a Family Dog - More than Learning Responsibility - ad #checkyourbag #naturaldogfood #lovemydogBlaze - The Case for a Family Dog - More than Learning Responsibility - ad #checkyourbag #naturaldogfood #lovemydog

The Case for a Family Dog

It always makes me sad when I hear someone say they don’t want to get a dog for their kids because they’re too much trouble. Thankfully my parents didn’t feel the same way.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy - Jewel - healthy dog food ad #checkyourbag #naturaldogfood #lovemydog

I learned early on that my family dogs were the best confidants and friends when I was having a tough time. I also learned that having a dog teaches more than responsibility for feeding and walking, it teaches unconditional love and commitment, and that’s why I insisted we have a family dog for our boys. After a lot of research, we picked a Brittany as the perfect dog for our family, and Blaze was. The boys adored that pup and yes, dad and mom did the walking and feeding, but he taught them so much more.

When I started working from home, it seemed a great time to bring another pup into our lives. While Blaze thought he was a lap dog, I’d always dreamed of having a small dog, so I insisted his new pal would be a teacup pup.

I brought home Jewel when she was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. My little Pomeranian has been with me nearly every day since with only a few vacations where she stayed home, but most vacations we plan for a dog-friendly location. She’s always within arm’s reach at any given moment and she’s a joy.

A few years later we brought home Gracie. She’s a tomboy Maltese who loves to roll in dead things in the yard and see just how dirty she can get her white fur. She learned it all from her big brother, Blaze the Brittany, who sadly died last year from bladder cancer. The boys, both adults now, both came to say good-bye to their beloved pet. How they loved that old guy.

I love my dogs. That’s not to say that I appreciate one more than the other on any given day. Dogs are like perpetual toddlers and they’re inclined to be whiny, messy, picky eaters and potty training is an ongoing effort. Still, I wouldn’t trade either of my little girls, even with their faults.

Gracie and Jewel Riding in the Car headed for Vacation - ad #checkyourbag #naturaldogfood #lovemydog

Gracie and Jewel Riding in the Car headed for Vacation

My Dogs: Healthy Dog Food Is Important

My girls are integrated into my daily life. They give me so much love and attention that I want to do what’s best for them. I make them homemade dog food and homemade chicken jerky treats with natural and organic meat and veggies, but I also keep commercial dog food on hand to make sure the get balanced nutrition and have a back-up should my schedule not allow me to cook for them.

Wellness Dog Food - healthy dog food - Check Your Bag Promotion Ad

I have a few organic and natural foods I feed them and one of them is Wellness Natural Pet Food. Why do I approve of Wellness Natural Pet Food? Easy – I checked the bag and found that REAL meat is always the first ingredient (not bi-products which is the gunk leftover after butchering – who knows what it is or where it came from – it’s ground up and emulsified – I prefer to feed my girls healthy dog food I know is good for them). They also never use any artificial ingredients or colors and that’s important to me. I’ve taken them out of my diet, why would I feed it to them?

You may wonder why I’m so passionate about healthy dog food for my girls. It’s because I believe by feeding them a quality dog food they’ll live longer and better because of the complete nutrition they’ll take in and it’s worth the price because they’ll likely not need as much vet care. Plus I’m convinced our Brittany’s bladder cancer was caused by the food we fed him and I still feel guilty about that. I’m not going to make that mistake again.

How Good is Your Dog Food? Rate Your Bag

Natural Dog Food- Wellness  - ad #checkyourbag #naturaldogfood #lovemydog

Are you curious about the food you’re feeding your dog? You can rate your current food to find out how it stands up to the nutrition in Wellness Natural Pet Food by visiting their Check Your Bag site.

Then learn more about their pet food at their website and find a store near you that sells Wellness Natural products. You can also sign up for the free Naturally Well Pet Club to get exclusive benefits like special savings, fun contests, events, helpful pet articles, new product alerts, and more. Also check them out on Facebook.

My girls are worth all the time and effort we put into keeping them healthy because I truly believe they are doing the same for me.

What do you feed your dogs?

I have not been compensated for this post. I believe all dogs should eat well and I’m happy to share great products.