I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Modere non-toxic cleaning products.  I received a promotional item to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own.Four Great Non-Toxic Cleaning Products - Hello Spring! @ModereUS #MC #Sponsored

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of sunshine in Seattle until summer,  But every few days a little bit of sunshine overtakes the gray, the rain stops for a few moments, and I get all excited about the possibility of spring and that sets off a desire to start spring cleaning. This year I started my spring cleaning with some wonderful products inspired by nature!

I prefer natural products without harsh chemicals and I’ve found a new online store that carries exactly that. The Modere.com website is a great looking and easy-to-navigate site that made shopping for my spring cleaning supplies easy. Just choose one of their 5 categories – Personal Care, Health & Wellness, Household Care, Collections, or Smartship – and start shopping.

I chose to shop the Modere Household Collection which is consists of laundry, kitchen, and general cleaning products which are unscented or scented with essential oils. I picked up a bottle of fragrance-free Liquid Hand Soap ($5.99), a container of lemon scented Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes ($6.99), pre-measured Dishwasher Pods: Red Pear with Magnolia scent ($14.99), and Laundry Pods: Lavender with Vanilla scent ($13.49).

Modere Non-Toxic Cleaning Products – Are They Safe?

There were many ingredients in the products I didn’t recognize so I spot-checked them on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. None of them came up as chemicals for concern which makes me feel good about using them.

But how do the Modere Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Work?

Fantastically! Using non-toxic cleaning products is important to me, but I also want a clean that’s easy. I don’t mind a little elbow work, but I want products that work and the Modere products have been doing that for me.

Modere Dishwasher Pods - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

The dishwasher and laundry pods dissolve completely (there was some breakage in the containers, but I’ve found that in every powered pod brand I’ve purchased, so it didn’t bother me. I just pour out the loose powder into the machine when the pods are gone). I’ve only gotten to enjoy the scent from the loose powder since we tend to run our dishwasher and washer at night when we’re in bed. It’s a shame though because they smell fabulous!

Modere Laundry Pods - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

The wipes are a joy to use because I love the scent and the cloths are good sized and easy to dispense. More importantly, they’re nicely soaked in the cleaning products – not too dry and not so wet they need to be dried after cleanup.

Modere Disenfecting Wipes - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

The fragrance-free liquid hand soap is silky smooth and cleans well. It didn’t dry out my skin even after using it multiple times throughout the day while cooking. The container is nice looking and the pump works well which is important in the kitchen when you want to be sure not to cross-contaminate when working with meat.

Modere Liquid Hand Soap - Fragrance Free

Modere Liquid Hand Soap  - silky smooth - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

Modere Shipping

Modere Mail Order Natural Cleaning Supplies - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

Modere ships and packs their products to arrive in great condition and they add a free sample! Mine was a sample of the Modere Satiety Chews (they taste great!).

Modere  Free Samples - Modere Natural Cleaning Products - Modere Household Collection #MC

I’m pretty impressed by the Modere company, it’s products, and quality shipping.  Want to try them yourself? I have a special Modere discount just for you! Order through this link and you’ll receive $10 towards a purchase of $50 or $25 towards a purchase of $100! Plus get free shipping on orders of $75 and more and hassle-free returns.

Check out the Modere website to learn more about their  products and check out exclusive deals and giveaways on their Facebook Page and Twitter Account.