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Bravado Fire Pit

Lucky you! Serenity Health & Home Decor has expanded their online store of fabulous home and garden products to include fire-pits and one of you is going to win one!

Having just purchased one for myself a month ago, I know how hard it is to pick out the perfect fire pit. For us it turned out to be a portable model with a carrying case since we wanted to be able to take it on vacation and camping, but for you it might be a more permanent piece.

Serenity Health & Home Decor has some GORGEOUS outdoor firepits and campfire rings. I always recommend ones with a dome for safety so when I got to pick out one to giveaway to one of you, that’s exactly what I chose.

Round Bravo Fire Pit from Serenity Health

I chose for you the Outdoor Classics Bravado Mesh Fire Pit (rv $144). Not only is it beautiful, but it has mesh sides so you have a 360 degree view of your fire, plus better airflow. The base is 9” deep so you can use pressed logs or fire wood in this large pit (30” wide x 22” high).

The bowl is made of steel with a black finish and it will arrive with a screen, poker and protective vinyl outdoor cover plus a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It does require minor assembly and it can’t be sues on wooden decks (or any flammable surfaces). Don’t use it with children (it gets hot), and burn only outdoors and in well ventilated areas.

Want more information or to find the best-selling fire pits? Visit the Serenity Health & Home Decor website. Also connect with them online: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

So, now that you know how fabulous it is, would you like to win it?

Summer Is Coming! Win an Outdoor Classics Bravado Mesh Fire Pit

Enter to win this outdoor fire pit from Serenity Health & Home Decor!  Retail Value $149