Here’s the third craft in our Easter Dessert Buffet. This one is individual treat cups that can be used as place cards at a formal Easter Dinner or as a gift for your guest. They’re small terracotta pots that are painted inside and out with fun spring colors. If you want, you could add saucers and plant a beautiful spring plant instead – how adorable would that be on your Easter table? Just remember not to paint the inside of the pot if you’ll be planting in it.

I used Hershey’s Easter Candy and Martha Stewart Craft Paint to complete the project. You can also stencil on a name or use a Cricket Cutting Machine to produce the name in vinyl or freehand paint it. Get as elaborate as you like on the design or leave them simple like I did.

Easter Dessert Bar Ideas and DIY

Easter Dessert Bar Ideas and DIY

Painted Terracotta Pots – Easter Place Cards or Treat Cups

Easy Easter Spring Crafts Tutorials - Treat Cups filled with Hershey's Easter Candy

Easy Easter Crafts: Painted Pots – Easter Dessert Supplies

Easy Easter Crafts: Painted Pots – Easter Dessert Table Instructions

Easy Easter Spring Crafts Tutorials - Treat Cups filled with Hershey's Easter Candy

I chose the paint colors based on the flowers I picked up on sale at Michael’s Craft Store (99 cents each). Because the paints didn’t match exactly, I mixed the colors to get them to the right tone in Jello Shot containers. They’re a perfect size and they have lids to store the paint as well.  The satin finish was exactly the look I wanted, but if you’d rather have glossy or glittered, those are available in the Martha Stewart line as well.

I painted two coats of the base paint with a flat paintbrush starting on the inside and let them dry thoroughly between coats. If you’re using larger pots, you may want to consider a foam brush. Once dry, I turned the pot upside down and painted two coats on the outside.

Easy Easter Spring Crafts Tutorials - Treat Cups filled with Hershey's Easter Candy

Decorating the pot is up to you. I chose to use glass paint with a pearl finish to paint the rim of the pot and left it at that. I wanted them simple, but I could have hand-painted a design or stenciled a pattern on them as well. Kids can put fingerprints or hand prints on larger sizes to personalize them. You can add beads, ribbon, and all sorts of trims.

If you want to be able to hand wash these, spray with a fixative spray (like Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray)  after they’re completely dry. I wanted to be able to paint over them for the next holiday, so I skipped this step.

Easter Spring Crafts - Terra Cotta Pots and Banner

 I put a Jello Shot Cup into each pot (paint and terracotta pots aren’t meant to be in contact with food) and then filled them with Hershey’s Robin Eggs (my personal favorite when it comes to Easter and the colors matched my flowers beautifully). 

Easter Treat Cups - Jello Shot Cups used as liners

Easter Treat Cups - Painted Terracota pots

For the centerpiece, each also got one of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Bunnies. It was the perfect amount of candy – not too much to spoil dinner if they were enjoyed as one walks by ;-). Not a fan of candy? You could easily fill the shot cups with cheesecake, a mini cupcake, or another small treat.

DIY Easter Treat Cups - candy supplies

I had planned on using Whopper Eggs, but we ate them all before we started the project. The other Easter candy we’d gotten, eaten, replaced, and then eaten again, but these are what we had left on hand (please tell me we’re not the only ones who buy candy early and then eat it all before the holiday!).

Leave the pots plain or paint on names and use them for name cards on your Easter table.

What do you think?