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Well, the time is finally here! The Blu-ray release of Disney’s newest blockbuster has arrived! With over one billion dollars earned in the box office so far, I have a feeling that most readers have already seen this film in the theaters. When people say “instant classic,” this movie is at the top of the list. It’s universally loved by all generations and winner of two Oscars. This animated joy is a must-own film for any movie lover!

FROZEN Blu-Ray Extras

The Blu-ray release of  FROZEN has an unrivaled quality of picture and sound just as you would expect from any Disney Blu-ray. In addition to the fantastic movie, when you own the Blu-ray edition you get access to some interesting extra features. First and foremost, the Disney short “Get A Horse!” featuring Mickey Mouse. This short film is a true original that blends classic Disney animation, circa the 1930s, with modern computer animation in an interesting way. This short film is worth a watch.

Mickey Mouse Get a Horse

Other extras include the music videos of a couple of different versions of “Let It Go”, so if you feel the need, you can watch those over and over again. There is also plenty of deleted scenes, some that are just small scenes that would not have made a difference to the storyline. But a few of the scenes are VERY different from the final movie, such as an Elsa that is actually evil! That was a very strange change to the story and very cool that they included it.

"FROZEN" Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff sing about the "Making of Frozen". ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“FROZEN” Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff sing about the “Making of Frozen.” ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Also included in the extra features is a segment called “The Making of Frozen.” Now I know what you are thinking, but this is NOT just another making of the segment where they show you the computer systems and the actors voice acting. In fact, it doesn’t even show you how the movie was made! Instead, you get a surprisingly good musical number with some of the film’s principal actors that take place inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

But my favorite extra feature was “D’frosted: Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Andersen To Frozen.”As a sort of history buff, this was fascinating, as it gives a ton of back story about how the tale of the snow queen turned into FROZEN over the course of 75 years.

This movie has something for everyone! Instant classic doesn’t do it justice, but it will have to do!

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