I received a Mi-T Grip from Bracketron to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

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Mi-T Grip from Bracketron makes listening to my audiobook on my smartphone easy

You’d think something as simple as a dashboard mount for a smartphone would be an easy purchase. Well, in my experience, it’s not so simple. I’ve purchased several and every single one of them has turned out to be more work than they were worth and they went into the trash within days.

Bracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount

Mi-T Grip Dashboard MountI’ve finally found one that works perfectly for my needs. The  Mi-T Grip from Bracketron  is for devices that are 2″ to 3.25″ wide (sorry, no phablets for this holder). The device is held in a spring loaded arm for quick access, but while it’s in its grips, it’s there solidly. The spring loaded arms are attached to an adjustment knob that allows you to loosen and swivel the direction of the arm for portrait or landscape viewing.

The entire unit is attached to just about any clean and solid surface by a TEMPORBOND suction cup witch uses a slightly sticky surface along with suction to hold it in place. Because the sticky surface is susceptible to dirt and lint, you can wash it with warm water and let it dry to return it to use.

The holder stays in place, even against accidental knocks and bumps, until you release the suction by pulling up the release tab. It’s easy to move it from car to car or even into the house for use in the kitchen or nightstand.

I have my  Mi-T Grip from Bracketron attached to my large dashboard, just above the radio and heat/air controls for easy reach. Please check your local laws to find out where you can legally place yours. Not all states allow them on the windshield or right side of the dash. Please also never text and drive. 

The Mi-T Grip from Bracketron is designed so that it doesn’t block any of my device’s controls and it allows me to recharge my smartphone easily while it’s in the holder. Plus it keeps my phone safely within reach and located in a spot that makes viewing the GPS screen easily.

Skip the bean bag options and other vent holders – this Mi-T Grip from Bracketron simply works and works well. This dashboard mount retails for $29.99. Find a retailer near you by visiting the Braketron Where to Buy page. Connect with Braketon online – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, website and blog.

How do you keep track of your smartphone or device in the car?