I received a pair of Pop Blocks to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

 Pop Blocks Microphone and Remote by @ColoudHP - ad

Pop Blocks by Coloud are angled in-ear speakers (aka earbuds) that are designed to fit better and stay in place in your ears. They are packaged with three sets caps, one is each size from small, medium, and large. Unfortunately, it appears I’m an XS as even the small were too large so I wasn’t able to appreciate the fit like I should have. Most people will fit within these sizes and should realize better sound from the more directional fit.

The earbuds come in several color combinations in addition to the gray and red (I would call these pink not red) seen here so they’re perfect for men or women. Plus since they have a microphone, they can be used with a smartphone to make and take calls as well as used as traditional earbud speakers. Controlling the mic is done right on the unit itself and everything is labeled (though you can remove them) for easy recognition.

 Pop Blocks Microphone and Remote by @ColoudHP - ad extra plugs

Pop Blocks Microphone & Remote: What’s to Love

The tangle-free cord is by far the best feature of these headphones and what makes them worth every penny. They’re designed with a unique, flat cable, which they’ve dubbed a Zound Lasso, that resists tangling and knotting (my biggest issue with earbuds – I’ve spent hours removing knots!). This also means they’re structurally more robust and less likely to break due to twisting and kinking. The Zound Lasso is so flexible that it can be bent to 180 degrees without breaking.

 Pop Blocks Microphone and Remote by @ColoudHP - ad Make/Take Calls & Control Smartphone Player

Pop Blocks Microphone & Remote: Compatibility and Final Thoughts

Pop Blocks Microphone & Remote Earbuds are compatible with with iPhones, Blackberries, HTCs, and more. I used mine with my iPad and found the sound to be good with a fine bass line. I generally watch streaming video on my iPad and found them to be perfect for this use.

I also tried  them with my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and enjoyed them once I figured out the microphone feature which allows a user to answer calls, navigate voice mail, or play/rewind/skip music. Again, the sound was adequate and my callers were able to understand me easily.

My only reservation for these is that I couldn’t enjoy them fully because of the small caps were too large. I realize is a personal issue since most people don’t have such tiny ear canals, but something to think about if you’re buying for a tween or teen. These would be very appealing for that age group because they come in an amazing array of colors and they’re much more indestructible than most.

Pop Blocks: Buy Em

Buy Pop Blocks at the Coloud website or at major retailers. Find out more on the Coloud Facebook page, Twitter page,  or website.

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