I painted our hallway in 2010 with what I thought were beachy colors (see our hallway project). They didn’t last long because the son said instead of reminding him of the beach, the colors made him feel like he was at the circus; not the look I was going for. So I repainted the bottom half of the walls the same gray as the living room about 6 months ago and then left it that way since without a single piece of art on the walls.

I decided the other day it was time to change that. I picked up some burlap, a wire wreath frame, and some accessories to put together a quick and easy beach-themed wreath. It’s so simple and the pieces can be removed and reworked easily, so it’d be perfect for a party decoration too. The cost was minuscule compared to the pizzazz it will give the hallway.

Still, now that it’s finished, I’m thinking I need to move it to the main bathroom which has sea-foam green walls and I’m working on painted glass pieces in sea glass blue for it. I suspect next time you see this wreath it’ll be in the bathroom.

For now it’s hanging in the living room (photo above) on a gray wall with my glittered candles below it – they’re there to dry before I use them in a Easter tablescape (check out my tutorial for adding glitter to regular candles as well as flameless candles).

Easy DIY Burlap Beach Theme Wreath Tutorial

DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial: Beach Theme - Supplies

Burlap Wreath Supplies

Burlap Wreath Instructions

DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial: Beach Theme

Start in the outside slot of the wreath and tuck about a 6″ loop into it. Move to the center ring and repeat. Next do the inside ring. From now on, always do the center before the inner or outer ring – this helps lock the burlap garland in place without any tacking, wiring, or glue. It feels awkward  at first, but once you get the pattern it’s easy.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial - Wrapping Instructions

Pull or push through any extra material on the backside of the wreath while you work your way around. Too much bulk wastes the burlap and makes it so the wreath won’t lie flat.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial - Make Your Own Beach Decor

Push the fabric to the left to make room for the next set of fabric loops. I did 3 sections of fabric in each divided section and used two rolls of burlap. The look is very full and lush. You could easily do half and make the loops shorter for more coverage with one roll of burlap. If you use two, make sure when you connect the two (I tied them in a loose knot on the backside) that you’re 1/2 way around the wire form. If not, stop and reshuffle the existing loops first.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial - DIY Beach Decor

Continue to until the wreath is full – mine took exactly 2 rolls of burlap. If you do it tighter, you may have leftover  burlap – cut it and tuck the lose end into the back of the wreath. Take a moment to fluff and squish the loops to give them a random look and fullness.

Add glue lines very carefully to the back of the starfish (let your hands warm them and pull back slowly). Use the tape to hold the hemp cord in place. I wrapped some of the ends of the starfish and then the center. Do what you think looks good. The glue lines hold the cord in place.

Attach hemp cording to starfish - Burlap Beach Decor DIY Tutorial

Make a simple bow tie and leave the ends loose. Wrap the help cording from the starfish through the bow (the glue lines also adhere it to the bow) and fix the bow to the wreath with the florist wire.

Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Push the ends of the ribbon throughout the wreath. Add a hanging cord, make a final fluff, hang, and enjoy!

Homemade Beach Decor - Burlap Wreath Wallhanging

Burlap Wreath Ideas

Burlap is hot right now. It’s being used in party supplies and home decor. Does this mean it’s phasing out the chevron prints that have been so popular for the last few years?

Choose a burlap with a lacy pink, white, or blue design and add baby toys in the center as a baby shower centerpiece. Or attach mini garden tools, silk flowers, or seed packets for a garden theme. Want to go nautical? Paint a wooden anchor white and add blue and white stripped ribbon.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial and DIY