I received a Droid Ultra by Motorola from Verizon to facilitate this Organizing my Life post; all opinions are my own. #VZWBuzz #Droid

Droid Ultra  - Organizing my Life Verizon #VZWBuzz #Droid - ad

I’m back with another post on how the Verizon Droid Ultra has made my life a little bit easier and how it keeps me organized. (Check out my first post –  Fit February with my Droid Ultra – Free Fitness Apps).

I use my  Motorola Droid Ultra smartphone from Verizon a lot for entertainment and social media. Lets be honest, that is about all I use my smartphone for since I live so far off the grid that there isn’t cell service at my home.  But that doesn’t mean I put my phone down once I get home.  That’s because there are plenty of off-line apps I use and more importantly, the Droid DNA has a way to organize it all for me.

Droid Ultra – Organizing My Life

My husband likes to say I have OCD because I am a neat freak with certain things and very much like things in order; that doesn’t change with my phone. The Droid Ultra allows me to create files to keep my home screens from being cluttered. I have my games in one folder and all my picture editing apps in another. If I didn’t have these folders, I would have dozens of apps floating around on my home screens making the phone look extremely busy and I wouldn’t be able to see my background.

Droid Ultra  - Organizing my Life Verizon #VZWBuzz #Droid - ad

The app and widget menu alphabetizes everything on my phone. I’ve had other phones before where I had to alphabetize the apps myself because they put it in most recent order. Having things non-alphabetic drives me insane and doesn’t make sense to me. With the Droid’s built in organizing features, I don’t have to try and guess what page something is on with this phone, I just know that if I am looking for the people app I simple scroll over to the P’s and boom! there it is.

The Droid Ultra is great for organizing the things I save to my phone.  If I was working in an office, I could use the  emails widgets or create folders for specific projects which I could carry to and from the office on my phone. Since I’m not, the other organization features fit the way I work. The calendar helps keep track of my schedule, I can create and submit time-sheets, and I can keep notes about the people I’m working with so I know they’re favorites, restrictions, and schedules.

Droid Ultra  - Organizing my Life Verizon #VZWBuzz #Droid - ad

The Droid Ultra helps me organize my life in so many small ways; it can help you too. Does your phone work with you or against you when it comes to keeping tabs on your life?