My husband has been a firefighter for over 32 years. In his career, he’s seen a lot of house fires started by candles. Because of that, he bans traditional candles in our home and we’ve converted to electric candles (aka flameless, battery-operated candles).  I’ll admit they’re safer, but they’re not very attractive. I purchased some glitter and glue to see if I could make the electric candle look a little bit more like a regular one.

Glitter Candle Tutorial - cover your flameless candles with sparkles!

Flameless Candle or Traditional Wax Candle Embellishment

Create your own glittered candles from flameless - pretty, practical and safer!

I opted to use extra-fine teal glitter for the teal candle, though I could have used translucent or pearl glitter as well. If you want to get really creative, use painter’s tape to mark off areas of the candle to leave natural or use two coordinating glitter colors. I opted not to do anything fancy on the electric candle because I really wanted to hide its plastic exterior. I also opted a more uneven look for the tapers instead of a stark line.

I used Craft Glue and a sponge brush instead of spray adhesive for several reasons. First because spray adhesive has high VOC’s which should only be used outdoors and with breathing protection. Since it’s raining and has been for days, spraying outside was out of the question. I also like that I have much more control over where the glue goes with the brush and there’s less clean up. I simply washed my brush with warm water and soap and it’s ready to go again.

Glitter Candle DIY - Embellish Electric Candles Tutorial

The glue goes on white and dries clear so I can see where I’ve applied it, how thick it is, and by the color how dry it is. It’s really the easiest way to glue and glitter for me. The craft glue is thicker than traditional Elmer’s glue so it doesn’t run and stays where you put it.

Glitter Candle Tutorial


Make sure the surface of the candle is clean (use window cleaner or rubbing alcohol on electric candles if necessary to be sure all the cracks and crevices are clean so the glue can adhere).
Paint the surface of the candle with the sponge brush and glue. For the taper candles, I started in the middle and fanned out the top and bottom (of course you could make the top end solid, I just liked the look of the uneven edge). Avoid having too much glue and glitter at the base of the candle or it could interfere with the way it fits into your candle holder.

Glitter Candle DIY - Electric Candles Tutorial

Sprinkle the glued piece with glitter over the small plastic container which rests on the wax paper or paper sack. When complete, lightly tap the candle to remove the excess glitter back into the plastic container. Pour those contents back into the glitter container. Fold the wax paper or paper sack and pour that back into the glitter container as well.

Glitter Candle DIY - Tall Tapers

Let dry 4-6 hours or overnight. Use caution when lighting regular candles – NEVER leave candles unattended while burning.
Glitter Candle DIY

In just a few minutes time I had a new candle I think is pretty cute. Glitter can be a bit addicting!  What have you glittered lately?