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Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figures - ad

There’s a new superhero in town — or, parts of a superhero, if you want to be specific. Hasbro just introduced their Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figures, perfect for any superhero-loving kids in your life.

The line features heroes and villains from many different Marvel stories, all with completely interchangeable parts and accessories — so your kids can go wild mixing and matching superhero body parts for their own hilarious creations.

We got to try out one Super Hero Masher (Hawkeye) and one Super Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade (Hulk) and my three-year-old had a total blast putting the pieces together. We’d both dissolve into giggles when we put Hawkeye’s head on Hulk’s body, or when Hulk’s totally huge arms got hooked up with Hawkeye’s comparably smaller body. I don’t know what it is about mixed up body parts, but this toy was a hit. My son especially loved switching out their weapons and trading off who destroyed who. I mean, obviously…he enjoyed himself:

Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figures - ad

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figures

There will be 13 Marvel Super Hero Mashers characters released in 2014 (approximate retail price: $9.99), all with interchangeable parts, including Captain America, Green Goblin and Spider-man. The Battle Upgrade action figures (approximate retail price: $14.99) come with two weapons each, including a launching missile, and there will be seven different characters released this year including Thor and Venom.

These toys are recommended for ages 4 and up, and I think that’s fairly accurate — my kiddo got a little frustrated when he played too hard with them and their body parts fell off (not a huge surprise, since it’s pretty easy to pull pieces off to interchange them), but I think an older kid would understand why that happens. Plus, he needed help putting most of the pieces together. If your kid is past preschool age, I think he or she would be a big fan.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers are available in stores now. Follow all the Hasbro updates at @HasbroNews and check out all the Mashers options (and make your own super hero poster!) on Hasbro’s site.