Ford Motor Company paid for my travel and accommodations at the the three-day NAIAS Digital Summit. I was not compensated in any other manner for my time. My opinions posted her are my own.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

It seems like I took this trip a million years ago, but it was actually just last month! I got to spend a few days as a guest of Ford to experience the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As part of the event, Ford gave us a few hours to take a car of our choice on a test drive through the city.

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Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

Shelby Barone – OC Mom Blog

I paired up with OC Blogger, Shelby Barone, a California girl seeing snow for her first time. She was hesitant to drive at first, but after a few minute behind the wheel of our Ford Fusion, she was feeling pretty confident.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

Shelby Barone – checking out the car’s controls

We thought we were driving a  Ford Fusion Hybrid, but it turns out in our excitement to hop into a car, we hopped into the standard Fusion model instead. Still, we enjoyed the feel of the car and after  just a few adjustments, the seats and mirrors were personalized for each of us.


Ford Fusion: On the Highway

We headed out by programming the preassigned address into the GPS and took to the highway. The car noise on the highway is noticeably higher, but we were still able to chat easily and hear the GPS voice instructions.  We were both impressed with the GPS and Driving Directions given which included photos of the signs we were looking for. That was an amazing touch that helped us navigate the unfamiliar area easily.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

Ford GPS System – We considered heading to Canada! 🙂

We arrived at our destination, which we thought would be a park on a river, only to discover that it was a fantastic ball park! We couldn’t help but stop and take some photos of the car in this scenic location plus the Cali girl discovered street vents. I’ll admit, I had a good giggle when she asked if steam was supposed to be coming out of the street.


Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

We also took pictures with a few other blogging friends, the surrounding historic area, and some of the buildings in the area. This was the first trip to Detroit for both of us so we were enjoying the drive immensely.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

Our drive for the day – Ford Fusion


Ford Fusion: Comfort

We switched drivers and I took the wheel. I must say that the Ford Fusion was extremely comfortable for this plus sized, 5’10” woman. That’s a rarity. Most seats are uncomfortable – this one was highly adjustable and the seat was long enough it didn’t cut off the back of my legs. The seat can be moved back far enough for these long legs and the controls and steering wheel were still within easy reach. Plus I had plenty of head room and the seat belt didn’t cut into my thigh.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad

Connie Ott – MiscFinds4u

Ford Fusion – Technology

The console included USB chargers and of course like most new cars, it syncs with smartphones for hands-free operation. It also allows users to stream music from their phones to their car as well.

Ford Test Drive - #FordNAIAS  ad Lizza Monet Morales

Lizza Monet Morales from in front of her Ford for the day

This car had everything a driver could want. Comfort, ease of operation, and it looks good. It did have a bit of a rough start up at stoplights but that could be from the 12 degree temps outside.


Here’s a pic of the Hybrid Ford Fusion we though we were driving. We happened to take photos of at our pit stop, it’s pretty fabulous looking as well and I would love to try it next time.


Have you driven the Ford Fusion? What’d you think?

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