Quick and easy movie night crafts
These are three quick and easy embellishments to help set the mood for a movie theme night. These were designed for a Las Vegas theme, but they could easily be used for any theme where sparkles and gemstones are warranted.

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Showgirl Candle

  • Decorative Pillar Candle
  • Decorative Candle Ring
  • 2 Feather Masks or Beaded Half Hackle Plumes
  • Mini Glue Dots, removable

I loved this candle and it was pretty special on its own, but by adding the candle ring with diamonds made it glimmer even more. As an ode to show girls, I added two beaded half hackle plates which I put together first with mini glue dots and then secured the pieces to the back of the candle.

show girl candle craft

Please remember NEVER to leave candles unattended while burning and be especially careful when adding flammable material (like the feathers).

Las Vegas Napkin Rings

Embellished Napkin Rings

Using the Glue Dots, layer the buttons on top of one another in a pleasing pattern. These are removable dots so you can re-position them and remove them.

DIY Napkin Ring Embellishment

Choose decorative buttons or scrapbook embellishments – generally under $2 – to theme the napkin rings for every party.

Easy DIY Napkin Rings

Next fold the napkin in half, and then in 1″ sections moving forward and backward in a fan fashion. Pull it through the rings and then fan them to finish.

Blinged Tealights

Is there such a thing as too much bling? I say NO! This diamond ribbon can be purchased for under $5 for 3 yards at any craft store. Cut it to length and put it in place with Mini Glue Dots.

Tealight DIY

Press the dots onto the glass approximately every inch and pull back the plastic backing leaving the dot in place. Press the ribbon, cut to length, onto the glue dots on the glass.  Use another dot to secure the end (butt the ends, don’t overlap). I used 6-7 mini glue dots per tealight.

Applying glue dots

I removed the silver trays the tealights came in so they didn’t distract from the silver gem ribbon. You could also purchase tealights in clear containers and leave them in place for easier cleaning.

DIY tealights

Here’s our finished Las Vegas movie night! The movie we chose was “Last Vegas” but these would fit so many other movies. They’re quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to make your movie night at home special.

Las Vegas Movie Night Ideas

Have you considered having a family movie night at home?

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