We received a U|R® POWERED HOLDEN KNIT RIBBED AUDIO HAT Beanie to facilitate this review – all opinions are or own.

UR Hat

Not long ago I told you about my new found love for UR Powered: Women’s Touch Screen GlovesThis time I want to tell you about my son’s newest and most favorite cold weather accessory, the U|R® POWERED  Holden Knit Ribbed Audio Hat. It’s a stylish beanie with a ribbed knit body and a fleece liner band built-in to hold the U/R audio speakers. The beanie is available in popular guy colors of gray and black.

My son works outside in the cold so he needs a warm hat and he loved the styling of the Holden hate. It fits well and there’s no slipping or re-positioning earbuds and no big, bulky headphones to wear. He just slips on the hat, positions the speakers over his ears, and he gets to work!

My son is very impressed with the sound quality of the two speakers. No one can tell he’s listening to books on tape as he goes about his job. He also wears them while he’s working on his car, walking the dog, and just generally hanging out in the cold weather.

U|R® POWERED  Holden Knit Ribbed Audio Hat - Slips into a UR Headband or Hat - ad

The two small, flat speakers need just a few minutes to slip inside the hat (see the video below) and you’re ready to go. Should the hat need a washing, simply remove the speakers, clean it, put them back in and you’re ready to go again.

 U|R® POWERED  Hat Instructions

 U|R® POWERED  makes a other popular headwear styles  for men and women in knits and fleece. They also make an audio headband which can be worn in bed or on the ski slopes. The also offer a Nexus Wireless Bluetooth Receiver to connect your U/R headphones wirelessly. Hmmmm….I may have to get this for him. It would allow him to pair his beanie with his phone without the hassle of cords.

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The U|R® POWERED collection is available for purchase at http://www.urpowered.com/ and leading retailers like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Von Maur and Amazon.com.

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