I received a pair of ZTONE Earphones to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Ztone Earphones

ZTONE (pronounced stōne) are different than typical ear buds. They’re actually in-ear monitor earphones like many music artists wear. They’re meant to provide crystal clear audio delivered via molded ear gels.

Included with the earphones are several accessories so you can personalize your experience. I-MEGO includes a 1/4″ stereo adapter, a 2-prong airplane adapter, a 4 ft braided cable, plus four pairs of molded ear gels in sizes XS to Large, as well as three pairs of silicone fittings in sizes Small through Large. They also supply a durable metal carrying case to keep them protected in travel.

Ztone Earplugs - Extra sizes of ear plugs

ZTONE Features

My favorite feature of the ZTONE earphones is the cord. I know, most people don’t think twice about it, but for me it’s a major plus that this braided audio cable is tangle-free and sturdy enough to take the pull when I drop my device from it….many times a day. I’ve been impressed with the way it’s holding up to my abuse.

Ztone Earphones Tangle-free Cord

ZTONE In-Ear Monitors – How To Wear Them

The in-ear monitors have taken some getting used to. First you have to fit them into your ears the correct way. To do this, drape the cord over your ears from back to front and then place the buds into your ear. With a little practice it gets easier.

The benefit of their exacting fit is that they don’t fall out (I even sleep in mine and can lay on them comfortably) and they help block out room noise and let me focus more on the sound coming from them. That said, it’s easier to pull my plug out of my device and walk away with the buds still in my ears rather than take out the buds and reset them correctly every time.

The XS molded ear gels are almost too big for me; I must have tiny ears. Thankfully they also included traditional silicone fittings for people who don’t like the custom gels or for whom the sizes don’t work.

Ztone Earplugs Unique  Shape

ZTONE In-Ear Monitor Earphones Sound Quality

The in-ear, custom gels make for a great experience and I’ve enjoyed the sound quality that these earphones produce. Because they block out so much of the ambient room noise, I think they’re on par with bulkier over-the-ear headphones.


ZTONE In-Ear Monitors

The award winning ZTONE In-Ear Monitor Earphones can be purchased in the I-MEGO online store for $99 and are available in three colors – rose gold, gunmetal, and chrome.

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Ztone Earplugs - Additional sizes included