I started crocheting again last year after a 20-year hiatus. I decided that now that my kids are grown, I was going to challenge myself to learn some new techniques and tackle some more intricate crochet designs. When I was offered a new book by Jenny Doh entitled Crochet Love, I thought maybe this would be the push I needed to start working toward that goal.

Doh’s Crochet Love is said to be inspired by the Japanese design style of zakka. This is a new style for me, but it turns out it’s a technique that takes ordinary pieces and gives them a more creative flair. To that end, the book is filled with unusual projects – crochet paperweights  (over rocks), a tissue box cover,  and a granny square belt. Unfortunately, these are projects I’m not currently interested in making. Perhaps if I had been crocheting for decades, I’d want to spend time on these unique pieces, but I’m still in the afghan and hat stage so it wasn’t a good fit for me.

Additionally, the pieces require a good knowledge of crochet – it’s not a beginners book. For an intermediate or advanced crocheter, it’s probably a better fit. I think at some point in the future I’ll likely make her crocheted finger puppets and perhaps the paperweight (or perhaps use the pattern and cover a bar of soap instead).

There are 27 crochet projects with full-color photos and detailed patterns. The photos are beautiful and well done. You can find Jenny Doh at crescendoh.com and she’s the author of Hand in Hand, We Make Dolls and several other crafting and art books.

Crochet Love Book Details

Publisher: Lark Crafts
Published: October 2013
128 pages
ISBN: 1-4547-0755-0; ISBN13: 9781454707554
$17.95 US; $19.95 Canadian
Paperback all in color