I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Mom Corps YOU. I received a free trial to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating – #Sponsored

Mom Corps: Work and Life Coaching Online Community #Sponsored #MC

Being a working mom is not easy. I was one for over 20 years and they were definitely some of the most challenging years of my life. Bosses don’t care if your child is ill, uncomfortable with the sitter, is being bullied at school, or has a special event. The tug to be there for my children was always overridden by the rules and regulations for taking time off at work.

But there were rewards in having a job as well. I kept up with technology, gained skills that would allow me to earn a living should my husband and I divorce, and gave me access to people outside of my friends and family to provide support and camaraderie.

Help for Joining or Rejoining the Workforce

There are many, many women looking to return to the workforce for many different reasons. For most, it’s simply economics. They need the second paycheck to make ends meet. For others it’s a chance to use the skills they learned in school or acquired before becoming a mom and staying home with the kids.

Thankfully there is help for those looking to find work or create a balance between home and work. Mom Corps is an online site that gives assistance in all aspects of finding work and creating a life you’ll love.

What is Mom Corps?

Mom Corps You  LogoIt’s an award-winning career development and talent acquisition firm that’s created Mom Corps YOU as a place to help moms get it all together. They share tips and insights on how to create health and wellness for yourself and your family, take ownership of your career, and more.

Mom Corps is a subscription-based community; however, they give you a chance to check out their events and resources before committing. For example, in February they offered several online events on subject like The Flexibility of Freelancing, a 3-Step Resume Workshop, Working Mother Presents – Real Moms Returning to Work, and more.

Mom Corps Recorded Webinars - view them when it's convenient for YOU!  #Sponsored #MC

Resources include information on how to be your best while you’re at work, how to build your skills and create your personal brand, how to interview effectively, and more. They include a lot of help on basic investing, budgeting, decreasing debit, as well as estate planning.

I’m amazed at all they life aspects they cover and provide assistance for. Perhaps my 20 years as a working mom could have been easier had I had this kind of knowledge and support.

My Experience with Mom Corps

I received a 1-month subscription to check out their services. My eye was immediately drawn to “Integrative-Holistic Beauty: Changing our Definition of Beauty,” written by Dr. Tasneem Bhatia. What I loved about the article is that it clearly defined beauty and the issues surrounding it and gave three clear and actionable steps to take to improve your holistic beauty.

I took a few minutes to share my personal story in the forums and read what others are doing as well. I also watched a recorded event by Cali Yost where she shared her Top Ten Tips for Work-Life Balance.

The presentation was well done and provided tools, book recommendations, and insights I could use right away. It wasn’t a video per se, but actually a Power Point presentation and conference call (the moderator and speaker where not shown). I’d love to see them do a live presentation next time. I think it would be more engaging and have better voice quality. That said, the information was great.

Mom Corps: Work and Life Coaching Online Community #Sponsored #MC

Mom Corps Subscription

Subscribe to MomCorpsYOU.com monthly for $19.99 or annually for $149 (they’ve discounted the annual rate to $99.99 for a limited time). For that you’ll receive life coaching and employment assistance – that’s pretty affordable support.

Where are you in your life? Working? Looking for work? Or happy where you are?