Linen Closet Makeover - Cheap and Easy

I have wanted to paint the inside of my linen closet since the day I moved into this house….in 1986. Yep. For 26 years I’ve looked at the ugly yellow beige painted walls and unfinished wood shelves with dark brown trim. Yesterday I decided it was time to do something about the closet I hate so much.

Closet Makeover - Before

Closet Makeover: Recycle, Clean & Paint

The first thing I did was empty it out and donate and discard all of the old linens we no longer needed. We still had twin sheets from when the kids were teens. The “before” picture is after the culling. It was MUCH worse. It was so full that we pushed things in and then pressed our body against the door to close it…yes, it was that bad.

Once we whittled it down to usable items, I emptied it once more and then cleaned the shelves with a vacuum. I used leftover paint from the trim in my hallway and craft room (Martha Stewart Tailor’s Chalk – my favorite white paint) to paint the walls and all of the shelves. Since the shelves are not adjustable, I painted them in place and tried to fill the gap between the wall and the board with paint. I did two coats of paint in a semi-gloss finish and allowed it to cure overnight. Total painting time about 2 hours with drying time between coats.

Linen Closet Makeover - First Coat of Paint

Linen Closet Makeover: Temporary Pattern and Color

On the second day I cut shelf paper found on to fit the wall behind the shelves. Using a straight edge and scissors, I cut each piece to fit and then carefully put in in place. For the upper portion, I used the same technique as wallpaper to line up the print first, then cut, and then cut through one of the white zigzags so there wasn’t a straight horizontal cut line. It’s not perfect, but once I put everything back in the closet you won’t notice it. Note that the shelf paper sticks really well to itself so it’s not re-positional and not as forgiving as when placing it on the painted surface.

Linen Closet Makeover - Adding Patterned Shelf Paper

I’m leaving the door of the closet open overnight to let the shelf paper off-gas before I add my linens back in. I have since finished the bottom shelf. I love the pop of color the shelf paper adds and since it’s attached to a semi-gloss surface, it will remove easily in the future when I get tired of it.

Total makeover?  $10.99 for the shelf paper (2 rolls).

What do you think?

Buying Note – chevron pattern not your thing? There are plenty of other fun patterns and colors available. I’ve found Amazon has the best selection of modern prints.