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Dollar Store Craft - Valentines Day Wreath #dollartree ad

At Christmas I made a white faux pine wreath and decorated it with lights, shiny balls, a big white bow with huge polka dots, and candy. For the holiday season it was placed in my entry hall above the hall table and I’ve enjoyed seeing the wreath every time I walked by.

When it was time to take it apart and put it away I got an idea. Why not change it out and make it a Valentine’s Day Wreath?!? So much of it was perfect and could stay, so why not?

Easy Dollar Store Crafts

I headed to my local Dollar Tree Store and picked out several pieces I thought would be perfect for the wreath’s transformation. First several pink fabric hearts with fabric roses on them that had sticky material on the back. Then I picked up several different picks of flowers – red and purple to go with the red, white, and pink – plus a Valentine’s Day greeting card that had a wonderful handmade look to it, and some necessities like floral wire because I can never seem to find mine when I need it.

I brought home my goodies and added a few more from my stash and went to work. Here’s what I did.

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Valentine’s Day Wreath

  • White Faux Wreath (purchased for $7 at Christmas)
  • White fairy lights with wire cord – battery operated (purchased at for $7)
  • Assorted Christmas Balls and Spike Decorations (reused from Christmas – original cost a few dollars)
  • Pink Tuelle (about 3 yards) 6″ wide (stash – find it in the wedding aisle at your favorite craft store)
  • Double Heart Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • 2 Silk Roses Picks (Dollar Tree)
  • 2 Red Ball Flowers (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Purple Ball Flowers (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Purple Tiny Flowers (Dollar Tree)
  • Floral Wire (Dollar Tree)
  • Pink Fabric Hearts (Dollar Tree)
  • Valentine’s Day Card (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors/Tape
  1. First I dismantled the existing wreath, replaced the batteries in the lights, and set them back in place. Next I took the tulle and lightly pressed it into the wreath keeping it as loose and full as possible.
  2. I added tulle behind the existing red and white bow by looping it in 6″ loops behind the red bow and wiring it in place. Then I fluffed the pink tulle to soften in.
  3. I used scissors and cut the flowers by first pushing up the leaves as close as possible to the flower and then snipping down 3″ from the bud. I snipped as many flowers as I thought I needed and then started assembling them. Play with your arrangements until you find one you like – I chose one red rose for the centerpiece and two purple flowers behind. I took floral wire and wrapped them tightly by holding the wire and twisting the bundle. After all of the sets of flowers were wired I added ribbon.
  4. I cut 5″ pieces of the double hear ribbon and looped them and wired them separately. This gave me more flexibility on where they were put in the floral bundle and allowed me to turn them the right direction. I added ribbon to all of the bundles.
  5. Next I took spare leaves and wired one set for each of the bundles and wired it in just underneath the main rose of each group to give it more green near the rose.
  6. Finally I placed each floral bundle on the wreath in the approximately place I would wire them. I filled in with single roses which I placed in the middle of the Christmas ball groups I’d removed before. I continued added flowers until it felt right.
  7. I cut the greeting card to soften the hard edges and then took the back of the card which I’d cut off, attached it with a loop of tape to the front card, and then cut the patterned back of the card to match the shape of the front.

Ta da! My wreath is done! My total transformation cost $9, though I bought more flowers than I needed. I used the leftovers in my favorite inexpensive white tin pitcher (IKEA) and tied it with the same pink tulle from the wreath. I think it looks adorable.

Dollar Store Valentines Day Decorations  - #dollarstore ad

Dont’ have an existing wreath? Pick one up at your favorite craft store or check your holiday storage – you may just find something suitable there. Want to make you own ribbon? Here’s a great make-your-own ribbon video tutorial.

What are you crafting for Valentine’s Day?

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