I received Mama Mio Love Your Life Deep Line Treatment to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines Deep Line Treatment Review - ad

What I love about Mama Mio is that it’s a company that was started by three friends who’d worked in skincare for years. The three wanted to create luxurious creams that were safe to use, even when pregnant, so they worked with chemists and aromatherapists to do just that.

What they came up with is the Mama Mio skincare line. It’s a feminine line that knows its audience! The packaging is sweet, and includes a “little book of confidence” that has hints and tips for use, how it works, face fitness information, and skincare tips..

I recently tried out their Love Your Life Lines High Protein Deep Line Reducer. It’s easy to apply and only takes a drop or two. It can also be mixed 50/50 with your favorite liquid foundation.  The purpose of this product is to fill, repair, and protect my aging face and smooth out my lines.

Does it work? Yes. It softened the look of my smaller lines and it made a small dent in my very visible vertical forehead line, but nothing but surgery is going to remove that thing. I would likely get better results if I used it daily, but I’m terrible at remembering to care for my skin.

This deep treatment includes peptides, grape stem cell extracts, and more and is concentrated so only a tiny bit is needed. It helps reflect the light so your skin looks like it’s glowing while it repairs it. OK to use on all skin types.

Mama Mio makes a full line of bodycare and skincare products. Purchase their products from their online store or at local retailers.

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Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines Ingredients
TEGO Pep 4-17TM bioactive tetrapeptide, Peptamide 6TM hexapeptide, ProteasylTM peptide, TriactigenTM, TritisolTM, BVOCSTM, PhytoCellTec Solar VitisTM, Helioguard 365TM, EcoskinTM, Hyaluronic Acid, RonosphereLDPTM