I received a Droid Ultra by Motorola from Verizon to facilitate this Fit February post; all opinions are my own. #VZWBuzz #Droid

Fit February - Free Fitness Apps - #VZWBuzz #droid ad

I have declared 2014 the year that I am going to get fit a healthy through exercise and clean eating. To make my goal a reality, I have joined a Fit February Facebook Group that allows me to get support from others and makes me accountable for what I am trying to accomplish. This group involves posting pictures of food I’ve eaten, records of my workouts, plus keeping the group updated on my progress.

Since I am not home on a regular basis the best way to do this communication will be through my smartphone. Unfortunately, the phone I’ve been using is no longer holding a charge, so imagine how excited I was to have the chance to review the Motorola Droid Ultra from Verizon.

Droid Ultra – First Impressions

The Droid Ultra smartphone was relatively the same size as my previous phone, is lightweight, and sleek. It also has the updated Android system (Kitkat) so its faster than my old phone.

Free Fitness Apps

Free Fitness Apps   #VZWBuzz ad

I’m incorporating my new Droid Ultra smartphone into my everyday life through apps, media, etc. I loaded it with some apps that could be helpful in keeping up with this my February Fitness challenge. There were so many different choices in the app store that it took me a while to pick out just the ones I wanted to use. The apps I have decided to use the following free fitness apps:

  • MyFitnessPal helps to track your daily exercise, calorie, and water intake. I’m not counting calories, but I find it extremely helpful to be able to keep track of what I am eating and to make sure that on a daily basis I’m not eating 2000 calories (I don’t want to become a body builder).
  • RunKeeper helps keep track of my runs that I take using the GPS on my phone. It lets me I know how far I’ve run and how long it took. This will be a big help in watching my improvement over the next month since fitness is part of my goal.
  • Water Your Body keeps track of how much water I am drinking during the day and tells me how much water I should be drinking based on my weight. This app not only keeps track, but sends reminders throughout the day to help me reach that idea goal.

All of these apps are easily accessible and thanks to the Droid Ultra’s multiple screen feature, I can place them all on one main screen so that I don’t have to continually open up the apps menu and scroll through looking for these apps.

Droid Ultra – Camera Features

Droid Ultra Video Capture - #VZWBuzz ad

Not only does it help with apps, but I will be taking a lot of pictures to upload to the group. The Ultra has a 10 megapixel rear facing camera with quick capture. What that means is instead of having a specific button you have to push to capture a picture you just hold down on the screen to capture one or multiple pictures at a time. In the past I have had the problem of trying to hold the phone in one hand and press the shutter button while keeping the phone straight. With this phone it is much easier since I can just hold my finger anywhere on the screen to capture the picture.

The screen itself is uncluttered and you just swipe right to see your gallery or left to get a menu to change your flash settings etc.

Droid Ultra – Music to Work Out By

I also use my phone as my music player so that I’m not carrying around a phone, iPod, and tablet on a daily basis. Music and working out go hand in hand for me so I wanted to be sure I could easily access my music on the Droid Ultra and that it wouldn’t take up to much of my memory space. I can use the Amazon MP3 app to store my music on the cloud so that I can have all of my music when I have data or Wi-Fi available and I can keep a limited amount of music directly on my phone for moments that I don’t have either of those things available such as when I travel.

Droid Ultra – Final Thoughts

Thus far I have been very impressed with the simplicity and capabilities of the Droid Ultra. It incorporates into my life nicely and I can’t wait to see what other ways it will make life just a little bit easier.