We received a HappyDogBox.com Subscription Boxes For Dogs box to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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I’ve been thinking about subscribing to a monthly treat and toy box for my dog for some time. Roo is a puppy so he goes through toys pretty quickly. Plus we don’t have a wide variety of stores to shop from and the idea of having them delivered just seemed so convenient.  I looked into several different options to find one that fit his needs as well as mine.

HappyDogBox.com – Subscription Boxes For Dogs

The idea behind the HappyDogBox.com boxes is that you pay for and receive a box filled with a five or six hand-selected toys, treats, and other goodies for your dog delivered to your door. The boxes differ based on the size of your dog and the season. Subscriptions are available for a 1-, 3-, or 6-month terms and can be given as gifts.

What sets HappyDogBox.com apart is that their boxes are filled with healthy all-natural treats and award-winning toys.  They curate the perfect collection for your pup. All you have to do is provide basic information about your pet (size range: 0-20 lbs, 21-50 lbs, and 51+ lbs) and your shipping address and they’ll send you the latest and greatest toys and treats. Who doesn’t love getting a box of treats in the mail?!?!

Boxes start at $25 and are discounted for multiple months (there’s also currently a 1 month FREE radio promo when you subscribe for 3 months). Shipping is included in the price so there are no other fees or charges.

HappyDogBox.com – Our Experience

The box we received was their Christmas holiday box so it had holiday themed toys and treats. Of course Roo’s favorite was the Plush Puppies Tuff Ones Candy Cane squeaker toy which has reinforced double stitching  and a hidden layer of strong nylon. He loves squeakers and works to figure out how to get them out of his toys as quickly as possible.  He also received a Monster Mouth Dog Toy which is perfect for hiding treats and massaging his gums.

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The box also included Cain & Able Collection Shampoo and Spritz set, a few doggy clean-up bags, and a bag of grain-free Wigzi Tasties Roasted Duck Bite Sized Treats for Dogs, a chew, and some “frosted” holiday cookies.

The boxes also include a small postcard from the company which gives a detailed description of the contents of the box. I know with recalls becoming so frequent on various dog brands and treats, I like to know exactly what I am giving my dog. For most dog lovers like me, our pets like our children, and we wouldn’t want to give something harmful to our “kids”.

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HappyDogBox.com  – Are They Worth the Money?

So are the subscription boxes for dogs from Happy Dog Box worth the price? I say yes! The Plush Puppies retailed for $9, Monster Mouth for $8, Wigzi treats are $9, the shampoo $4, and in-between bath spritz $12 (all Amazon prices). The cookies generally retail for about $2 (there were 2) at my local pet store so we’re already over the $25 price tag and there were still a few items in the box. The benefit is that I’m introduced to brands I may not have access to locally, he’s exposed to treats and toys I may not have chosen for him, and we both get a fun surprise in the mail.

These boxes are an easy way to get a new monthly treats and toys for any sized dog. Happy Dog Box goes above and beyond by making sure the treats in the box come from all natural companies. That’s a lot of extra work and I love being able to support all natural, smaller companies, which helps them continue to thrive. I will definitely be getting another HappyDogBox.com box for Roo again in the near future.

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